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Alkanolamide is a class of nonionic surfactant, produced from reaction between the reactants such as methyl ester or triglyceride and the other is an alkanolamine, most commonly diethanolamineincludes. It includes diethanolamide and monoethanolamide chemistries. It is often used to impart foam stability and are also used in conjunction with other surfactants. It is typically used as foam builders and viscosity modifiers. Its main uses include bubble bath, shampoo, dish wash, liquid hand & body soaps, and household an institutional cleaners.

The key features are included excellent soil dispersion & suspending ability, good lubricity, controlled foaming, effective corrosion inhibition, excellent wetting, soluble in water, glycols, aromatic, alcohols, and chlorinated hydrocarbons and fully biodegradable etc.

According to study, “Global Alkanolamide Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024” the key companies operating in the global alkanolamide market are Lubrizol, Colonial Chemical Inc., AkzoNobel, Ele Corporation, Stepan, Kawaken, Enaspol A.S., Miwon Commercial, Zohar Dalia Cooperative Agricultural Association Ltd., Kao Chemicals Corp., Kemei Chemical, K & FS, Kale Kimya Group, Haijie Chemical, Solvay S.A., Zhejiang Zanyu, Jiangsu Haian. The key manufacturers are competing among themselves by providing better products & acceptable services to the clients and develop significantly at the global level.

Based on type, alkanolamide market is segmented into diethanolamide and monoethanolamide. Based on raw materials, market is segmented into palm oil base alkanolamide (as a source of triglyceride), ethanolamine base alkanolamide, KOH (potassium hydroxide), coconut oil base alkanolamide, and other auxiliary chemicals. Based on equipment, market is segmented into glass batch, reactor, a stirring hot plate, and thermometer. Based on procedure, market is segmented into reaction of diethanolamine & triglyceride, purification of alkanolamide and analysis of samples. Analysis of samples include Fourier Transfer Infra-Red (FTIR) analysis and Gas Chromatograpy-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) analysis. FTIR analysis is used to know the structure of alkanolamide while GCMS analysis use helium carrier gas to determine the moleculer weight of alkanolamide. Based on application, market is segmented into humectants, emulsifiers, conditioners, wetting agents, foam stabilizers, thickeners, and others. In addition, based on end-use, market is segmented into personal care products, daily washing products, cosmetic and toiletry applications as well as household, institutional & industrial (HI&I) and others.

The alkanolamide market is driven by rise in demand from end-use industries, followed by rapid urbanization, growth in demand of applications, rise in innovations driven by competition, low cost & easy availability and increase in purchasing power of the growing middle class population. However, fluctuations in the price of the upstream product may impact the market. Moreover, advancements in technology innovations and expansion of application base are key opportunity for market.

Based on geography, North-America (USA) and Asian-Pacific (China) are the mainly consumption regions in alkanolamide market owing to the increase in demand of downstream applications and growth in industrialization. The European region is expected to witness higher growth rate due to rise in innovation technologies and increase in demand for personal care products over the forecast period. The global market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 1.7% over the next five years, will reach US $630 million in 2024, from US $570 million in 2019.

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