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Ken research announced recent publication on, “Seize+Adapt Case Study: Wider Opportunities for a Bleach Tablet Dispenser Pack“. This case study is compiled using Pack-Track packaging innovation tool and takes a closer look at a plastic bottle with a child-resistant dispensing closure, currently used for a household care product, and considers how the format could cross over into other categories. . The report also tries to inspire packaging innovation. It can be used to understand the relevant consumer trends that drive and support packaging modernism, facilitating the clients to tap into what is really impacting the industry. It helps readers to discover which product sectors this packaging innovation could potentially have effect on and its application to create a point of difference. The study provides in depth knowledge of the key features and packaging benefits of Eau Ecarlate Javel Dose in a plastic bottle with a child-resistant dispensing closure.

Packaging innovation can be a tricky area to steer, but by thinking imaginatively and exploring pack formats that are already available outside your own market sectors; it may be possible to seize and adapt an idea and to modify it to produce explicit result in this bleach packaging industry. Packaging has emerged out as an important fabrication to make and break buying decisions based on durability, sturdiness, attractiveness and environmental concerns. Stylish and engaging means of packaging could be applied to increase sales buy inducing more protection to the product. The bleach sector has seen some notable packaging innovations recently in terms of sensory appeal, improved convenience, added functionality and environmental sustainability. Eau Ecarlate Javel Dose bleach tablets has considered potentially inspire cross-category modernization.

They have launched new bleach bottles that come in a smaller size that is easier to handle, easier to pour, and easier to use in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. Most manufacturers have transitioned to HE machines, which have a smaller dispenser for bleach. To ensure people use the recommended amount to whiten and disinfect, the company decided to concentrate its product. Concentrated regular bleach was created for today’s consumers to meet the need for a product that fits their lifestyle. This concentrated product requires innovation in packaging with higher protection. It also requires respect for tradition and quality, coupled with constant innovation in product improvements to keep delighting our consumers. The new concentrated bleach is just a more modern version of the same quality product that has been around for 100 years.

The whole packaging supply chain is a constantly evolving market. The product sellers need to be abreast with latest trends and innovations. Issues and solutions to their product needs constant eye. Focus on concentrated and inspirational packaging with evolutions such as contact pack; the innovations trap the audience with concerned needs. Aware of the problems of the environment, consumers are turning more and more towards products whose impact is low and / or moderate in nature. Phosphates are used in detergents to reduce the hardness of water and improve their efficiency. Increasingly aware of environmental issues, consumers are finding themselves more and more drawn to products with a low to moderate impact on the environment. The product also requires protection from child use. Innovative strategies and plans are coming up to lead the industry a safer and durable consumer usage.

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