Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

We offer two modes of accessing our website. You may choose to visit our website to submit a press release, for articles on various industry news or for any research report on any vertical. In case you do not register and provide us with your name and e mail id we will not be able to identify you. But if in case you register on our website, then we may track how you are using the information.

How we may use your information:

  • We may offer our services to you or to the company you are associated with
  • To inform you about the services we offer or use of current services available.
  • To contact you for any product / service of any third  party which might be of interest to you.
  • To provide industry news related to specific industry to which our clients are associated with.
  • For any other reason we might tell you as and when you submit any information on our website.
  • To inform you about the product / offerings, about ours or our third related parties, that may be of interest to you
  • The content submitted on our website may be used for promotion purpose in various promotional sites, forums, journals and other related online mediums.

Source of Information

The information is collected from publicly available sources which provide information on their website for general public. The source of the information is presented below so that any individual can recheck or recollect more information on the subject. The content of the information provided may be similar or differ in cases, but even if the information collected is same the credit for the information will be accredited to the original source provider.

Confidential Nature of the Information

None of the information provided on the website is confidential in nature. The information presented is largely distributed and promoted by us and used by various individuals across the globe freely. The publicly available information is only used to redistribute / publicise.