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Wealth-Management1The global wealth management industry is changing rapidly due to regulation and compliance, product and communication innovation, rebalancing wealth markets, and developing customer attitudes. This product looks to the year ahead and analyzes what is the best course of action for international wealth managers.


Understand the trends that will dictate the direction of the global wealth management industry in 2014.

Interpret the direction of the industry using proprietary global surveys and databases from Verdict Financial.

Identify strategies to react to the trends and remain competitive in the wealth management industry using best practice examples.

Reasons To Buy

top-wealth-management-firmsHow will the approach to HNW client meetings change in 2014?

How can a wealth manager adapt to changing product demand while remaining focused on core services?

What will 2014 bring to the ongoing global wealth management regulatory challenge?

Key Highlights

Within the product and service space wealth managers will increase spending on IT, with the majority of this invested in online platforms. In addition, HNW individuals will seek more financial planning services, with wealth managers needing to react to this global demand.

Expats will be the hot new client group for wealth managers hoping to establish new markets. The UAE, Switzerland, and Singapore are the top three HNW expat destinations, with wealth managers working in these countries increasing client targeting to focus on the HNW client group.

Equity investment, especially in developing markets such as Russia and Kazakhstan, are foretasted to increase dramatically as retail investors look to diversify their asset allocation. This trend will create opportunities for wealth managers, who have the chance to gain increased revenue from handling equity trades for retail clients.

Source: https://www.kenresearch.com/banking-financial-services-and-insurance/financial-services/2014-trends-to-watch-global-wealth-management/2319-93.html


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