Procurement Research

How to Make Your Business Cost-Effective with Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence

As suppliers play an essential role in a company’s success, organizations must select suppliers who satisfactorily meet their requirements and align with their deals. Choosing suitable suppliers can raise profits and increase efficiency while minimizing financial hazards.

We collect and deliver critical data in a user-friendly format leveraging our customers to engage international and domestic challenges in supply chains. Our reports deliver critical details on the Supply Chain practices and solutions in a specialized business that allows our clients to control their operations smoothly and expertly and create smart strategic decisions to provide profits.

At Procurement Marketing Research, we pursue an all-inclusive process that provides useful insights concerning the various aspects of a supplier’s business. We determine, map, research, and benchmark suppliers, their margins, current growths, level of backward integration, and implementation. We analyze the following elements of potential suppliers:

  • Competency
  • Capacity
  • Commitment
  • Control
  • Cash
  • Cost
  • Consistency
  • Culture
  • Clean
  • Communication

Considering these features provides a broad experience of a supplier’s persuasion, capability to supply, production capacity, specialized capabilities, quality of management, etc. This helps our customers identify the supplier’s best services to their requirements while avoiding jeopardy. The primary sub-categories covered under our supplier research services contain:

  • Supplier Identification
  • Supply Chain
  • Supplier Mapping
  • Supplier Performance
  • Supplier Margins
  • Price Analysis and Benchmarking


Being the sourcing expert, Ken Research comprehends the importance of maintaining the appropriate market intelligence for sourcing—connected decisions at a proper time. Accessing timely, precise, actionable supply chain intelligence is an immense strategic benefit. Not carrying it reveals companies to sizeable sourcing-related hazards.

Ken Research’s category-based supply market intelligence (SMI) team possesses many specialists. It lets CPOs, procurement professionals from market-leading firms worldwide, and Ken Research procurement advisors via custom-configured procurement research deliverables and engagement actions.

Procurement-Focused Market Intelligence Offerings

Procurement professionals can build confidence and affirmed decisions when experiences are adjusted to their endeavor/geography/scale. Our procurement market analysis supplies you with real-time insight, and your team reaches a decisive, competitive advantage when handling big queries and matters, such as:

  • Supplier Intelligence: Am I functioning with suitable suppliers? What levels can I use to form a more appropriate deal with my incumbent suppliers?
  • Pricing Intelligence: Am I paying the optimal cost?
  • Sourcing Intelligence: Do best-in-class firms adopt a different engagement benchmark?
  • Procurement Intelligence: What steps can I own as part of the contractual spans?
  • Competitive Market Intelligence: How are my peer’s sourcing? What are they achieving differently?

We also comprehend there are points when you need a short overview of a spend category and a short snapshot of the supply market analysis. Ken Research is ready to meet these needs with off-the-shelf procurement reports (category dossiers) on multiple mainstream classes.

Ken Research team delivers category intelligence on several hand-picked matters depicting critical issues for clients across the spectrum. Our off-the-shelf procurement research analysis (category dossiers) spread across key varieties. They keep key market insights and serve as best-in-class sourcing principles for category supervisors from client sourcing units.

Category Management

These research reports are revised often and deliver cutting-edge, actionable understandings that customers can leverage during category strategy formulation.

Custom Advisory

Our custom supply chain analysis is a change to client-specific requirements. Research-creation is based on elements such as customer industry, the scale of processes, and area in range. Research requirements incorporate per client’s existing positioning and sourcing strategy.

Ken Research incorporates its extensive procurement expertise and many primary and secondary research levels to provide clients immediate access to authentic and influential market intel.

Thus, a customer can consistently attempt to see the best potential result-focused developments in the Supplier Financial Risk Rating through Ken Research and can readily overpower the position to our end. Presently, our company delivers some of the primary key solutions exact to the type, including diagnosis, supplier benchmarking, procurement analytics, risk analytics, support services, and many more. Also, our firm is majorly offering its services in various sectors: Metal and Alloys, Plastics and Composites, Agro Commodities, Flexible Packaging Industry, Energy and Utilities, Engineering and Construction, Process Speciality, Logistics, and many more.

Ken Research assists its clients in building and optimizing Procurement Strategies via its various in-house and retable Procurement Market Research in the midway of a volatile supply market and limiting costs. Our firm operates closely with a unit of clients. It helps their business with a tailor-made key that can handle complicated issues encountered by customers in terms of viewpoints and budgeting. Moreover, our Procurement and supply chain Intelligence support procurement at the international level to acquire fast-developing supply-demand requirements, disrupt trends, and blend different statistics from various references to reorganize the evolution of the supply chain within the firm.

We also deliver 24/7 assistance to all our customers. Along with that, the firm also has enormous multilingual capabilities. Ken Research has an enormous employee base of strategists who maintain highly trained experts who can utter more than 10+ languages and deliver better promising offerings to the foreign clients as they can provide adequate assistance in their local dialect and consistently count a further benefit to the client’s recommendations.