Advanced Technology in Organ Preservation to Drive Asia Bio-Medical Packaging Industry: Ken Research


It was observed that there are an increasing number of annual transplants and surgical implants happening in Asia every year. Successful surgeries are possible with the developed effective bio-medical packaging which utilizes advanced packaging materials to ensure longer life of organs or specimens and avoids contamination. The advanced bio-medical packaging market consists of various packaging solutions such as bio-bottles, bio-pouches, bio-medical waste bins, temperature control kits, infectious substance packaging and much more. Advancement in biotechnology coupled with increasing awareness about human body has boosted the growth of bio-medical packaging industry in Asia.

According to the study “Asia Bio-Medical Packaging Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, Asian medical industry is investing in advanced bio-medical packagings at a large scale. Active refrigeration and thermostat equipped boxes are the popular equipment for storing organs or specimen to increase their safe life time using temperature controlled kits. Blood donation and organ donation awareness is increasing in Asian population which needs more sophisticated bio-medical packaging materials for preservation. Bio-medical packaging market in Asia is dedicated to the safety of matter stored and also protects the environment from getting infectious by infected organs or samples. Governments within the Asian region are concerned about the cleanliness and standards maintained in the hospitals. Hospitals in Asia strictly maintain medical standards and regularly change various packaging which drives the bio-medical packaging market.

Asia’s bio-medical packaging market is categorized into primary packaging and secondary packaging. Based on the rigidity, bio-medical packaging is categorized into flexible packaging and rigid packaging. Asian bio-medical packaging market is segmented into various products such as bio-bottles, bio-pouches, bio-hazard bags, infectious substance packaging, temperature controlled kits, bio-medical waste bins and others. The bio-medical packaging market utilizes polymer, paper, paperboard, non-woven fabric and others materials in the manufacturing process. The bio-medical packagings are used for packing medical equipment & tools, medical devices, IVDs and implants. The various forms of bio-medical packaging are bags, pouches, trays, boxes and others. The leading market players involved in the bio-medical packaging market are Temperature Packaging Solutions, Cibesmed Biomedical Packaging, Custom Pack, Bio-Packaging Ltd., Tecnisample SL, CarePack Holland BV, Exeltainer, Bio-bottle Ltd., and Extra Packaging. Geographically, Asia’s bio-medical packaging industry is spread across Southeast Asia, Australia, India, Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Advanced technology in bio-medical packaging systems are designed in such a way that the packaging can hold and transfer the biological materials that are stored at controlled room temperature, refrigerated or frozen. These biological materials include packed whole blood, plasma, tissue specimen, red blood cells, platelets, and organs. It was observed that there is an increasing demand for the bio-medical packaging in the past few years due to more number of blood and organ donations that need proper preservation. This trend will continue in the next few years due to more awareness in organ donations that will drive the bio-medical packaging market in Asia.

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