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The report titled “Animal Medicine Global Market Report 2018”, provides a comprehensive analysis of global animal medicine market, stem cell therapy, animal specialty drugs, animal specialty drugs leading players, investments in R&D, factors affecting the growth of animal drugs, animal health products, and future of global animal medicine.

Industry Overview: Global veterinary market offers huge opportunities for growth in pharmaceutical, medical and service companies due to the global increase in pet numbers and expenditure. Majority of the animal medicines available globally are used at veterinary clinics to control and treat animal diseases. Global veterinary pharmaceutical companies produce both generic and branded animal drugs for various treatments. Almost all the veterinary pharmaceutical producers are using Stem Cell Therapy as an animal medicine because it has excellent capabilities of healing arthritis and animal injury. The process of injecting stem cell into the body of the animal to replace the damaged cells is termed as stem cell therapy and the injected stem cells acquires the property of the cell that has to be replaced. These cells divide themselves into many cells as required by the animal body. This therapy is used to treat bone injury, ligament injury, kidney diseases, liver disease and various kinds of skin diseases.

Animal Specialty Drugs: Animal specialty drugs are more prominent now-a-days such as vaccines, antibiotics, parasiticides, feed additives, and others. They are available at veterinary hospitals, pet care clinics, and pharmacy stores across all regions globally. The leading players in the global animal specialty drugs market are Bayer, Elanco, Merial, and Zoetis. Preventive healthcare in animals also includes periodic examination of animals, dental care, prophylaxis for various infections, and risk factor assessment, nutrition, and vaccinations. Globally pet lovers are aware about the need for disease prevention and better animal specialty drugs for medications, treatment, and care for pets or animals.

Veterinary drugs manufacturers are focusing on the development of novel drugs for animals by investing heavily in R&D activities. Toxoid vaccines, attenuated live vaccines, inactivated vaccines, conjugate vaccines, recombinant vaccines, and DNA vaccines are the various types of animal medicines or vaccines. Veterinary hospitals provide a range of healthcare services such as diagnosis, prophylaxis, medical treatment, and surgery to the animals. The animal specialty drugs market is witnessing a continuous growth due to the availability of animal medicines globally, increase in disposable incomes of pet owners and economic development that contribute to the growth of the animal medicine market.

Global Animal Health Products: The global animal antibacterial and antibiotics market is consists of animal health products which enhance the quality of life of animals. This market has witnessed a drastic growth over the past years and is still continuing. The leading vendors in the global animal antibacterial and antibiotics market are Zoetis, Merck Animal Health, Merial, Elanco, and Bayer HealthCare. The advancements in veterinary therapeutics, animal preventive medicines, increase in disposable income has boosted the demand for better animal medicines and animal health products. The global animal antibacterial and antibiotics market consists of Tetracyclines, penicillins, sulfonamides, macrolides, aminoglycosides, and cephalosporins. This is the largest class of animal drugs administered to prevent bacterial translation, prevents animal protein synthesis, and promotes animal growth.

Future of Global Animal Medicine Market: The global animal medicine market is valued in billions and North America is the largest consumer of animal medicine in the world. The global animal medicine market is driven by a significant rise in the zoonotic and food-borne diseases in animals. This trend has led the veterinary companies to produce more advanced vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Majority of the companies have made efforts to control pathogen contamination risks and food-borne diseases, which contributed towards the animal medicine market growth. Globally many initiatives were proposed to promote veterinary products presumed to drive the overall animal medicine market over the coming years.


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