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To examine the disease, a biopsy is the removal of tissue from any part of the body. The might range from the removal of a small tissue sample with a needle while others may involve techniques to surgically remove a suspicious lump or nodule. According to the market research report “BRIC Biopsy Devices Market Outlook to 2023“, biopsy devices are segmented into four parts. First is Biopsy Guns, which is further segmented into Disposable Biopsy Guns and Reusable Biopsy Guns. Second is Biopsy Needles which is segmented into Core Needles, Disposable Vacuum-Assisted Needles and Fine Aspiration Needles. Core Needles includes sub-segments such as Disposable Core Needles and Reusable Core Needles also Fine Aspiration Needles includes sub-segments such as Disposable Fine Aspiration Needles and Reusable Fine Aspiration Needles. Third is Biopsy Forceps, which is segmented into Disposable Biopsy Forceps and Reusable Biopsy Forceps. Fourth is Biopsy Punches, which is further diverged into Disposable Biopsy Punches and Reusable Biopsy Punches.

The lightweight, automatic Achieve biopsy device is an innovation by biopsy devices market. It is spring-loaded for accurate and fast penetration. It provides the quality sampling capability and exact control one wants when working with calcified or fibrous lesions. It can be operated with one hand easily and conveniently. There are some other added advantages of automatic biopsy device. The device provides smooth, one-handed operation, which make it ideal for ultrasound-guided biopsy. Delayed firing option allows you to visualize needle placement within a lesion before capturing the sample tissue. Coaxial introducer option allows multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The placement of the sample notch for precise ultrasound positioning, echogenic marking helps to confirm it.

Most needle biopsies are done on the basis of minimal preparation on an outpatient. Doctor provides instructions based on the type of biopsy being performed. One should always tell the doctor if there is any possibility of pregnancy. One should always discuss any medications they are taking which include blood thinners such as aspirin and herbal supplements or whether the person has any allergies. The focus of allergies is especially on anesthesia. Physician will advise accordingly, to stop taking blood thinners for a specific period before the procedure. They also advice not to eat or drink anything for eight hours beforehand and also to leave jewelry at home and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The revenue of biopsy devices market was largely backed up by Brazil, then China and India & Russia being on almost equal scale in 2005. In 2013, there is increase in revenue again backed up by China, second Brazil third India and last was Russia in BRIC survey. Moreover, China by a large extent followd by the other three countries far behind, will lead the estimation in 2020.

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