Back Care Essentials: Seat Lumbar Support or Back Support For Chair


Human beings were not meant to be sitting for as long as we do. We were meant to walk and move and bend and twist and run. But instead we sit. We sit a lot.

When we sit- we are consumed with the task at hand, it could be endless hours of desk work, or long meetings or just TV! The position of your spine is not necessarily even the last thing on your mind and then after all that sitting when you try to stand up, is when you know something was not quite right. You are right about that & what went wrong indeed is- your posture!

Slouching in the lower back while sitting is one of the biggest risk factors for lower back pain caused by slipped discs, strained ligaments & weak back muscles. Your Physiotherapist, your doctor & probably even your mother nag at you to ‘sit straight’! If you ask us ‘ How to get rid of lower back pain‘?Well the answer is- a combination of the right products, body awareness & staying active.

Yet it is quite hard, as we all feel to sit straight on our own the whole time. Everyone knows it, yet no one does it. So the key is to use a support that helps you to hold the right position in the spine. Every now & again while you have to move forwards to do some work, sit tall on your own using your back muscles & take breaks as often as you can. That’s as realistic as it can get! Doing this, will definitely make your back feel a lot better & reduce your risk for serious back trouble.

ASeat Lumbar Supporthelps you to maintain the natural inward curve of your lower back preventing the lumbar slouch & preventing back ache. Foam & mesh made ones offer comfortable yet firm support for the spine. They’re light & easy to carry. Of course you still should break the sitting every 20-25 mins but holding this neutral alignment means – better posture, better breathing & mostly no back pain!


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