Business School Goa institute of Management’s Orientation: Week 1!


Opening Weeks, they begin with the move-in day on campus and conclude the day before regular classes. Having heard a lot about the two-week long Orientation Program of the B-school, I was almost ready with my hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. I thought it is going to be good but then I hadn’t imagined just how good it possibly could be!

The PGDM Class of 2017- 2019 commenced from June 7, 2017. The first year offers countless new experiences – many of which will be exciting and meaningful and some of which will be challenging and difficult. The GIM orientation Week was primarily pivoted around the idea to prepare the freshmen for all these moments.

It all began with the registration of documents and receiving useful kits from the Institute. The Orientation itinerary was dotted with sessions from eminent speakers from the Board of GIM, various entrepreneurs, industry professionals and sector experts. The program also included a ‘Competence Building Workshop’, which spanned over two days with tricky and interesting activities. The workshop had games and tests, which helped us, assess our own personality. There were riddling puzzles, which had our problem solving abilities on test, and there were intellectually stimulating games taking our reflexes under purview. There was also an ‘Ice Breaking Session’ by two faculty members. They involved us in an activity that gave us the chance to portray our thoughts and ideas about our next two years at the B-school.

Things didn’t end there. From interacting with seniors to classmates, networking with alumni to bonding with faculty, attending various events and sitting over hearty meals at the café, the Orientation week so far has been enabling us to discover the full range of what can be done as a Goa Institute of Management student and how to find support when needed.

Anushree Bhargava, PGDM Class of 2017-19 describes the first week of orientation at GIM


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