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Glaucoma is an irreversible eye disorder which can lead to blindness. According to the statistics published by WHO in 2005, glaucoma is the second- leading cause of blindness after cataract. The number of glaucoma patients around the world is 70 million and will reach 80 million by 2020. And 50% of blindness cases in the world are caused by glaucoma. According to epidemiological studies of eye disease, by Feb. 2015, 2.3% of people aged above 40 suffer from glaucoma, among which about 30% may become blind.

Developed by Pharmacia & Upjohn in 1995, latanoprost is a selective prostaglandin receptor agonist which effectively reduces intraocular pressure. As the first pressure- lowering prostaglandin approved by FDA, latanoprost (under the trade name of Xalatan) entered China in 1999. In 2004, latanoprost eye drop developed by Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was approved to be marketed, followed by products of Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hengrui Pharmaceutical and China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Latanoprost has already become the first- line drug for the treatment of glaucoma.

Latanoprost developed fast after entering China, with sales value rising from CNY 25.27 million in 2013 to CNY 26.40 million in 2014 with a year-on-year growth of 4.47% and CAGR during the period of 2010- 2014 reaching 24.02%. With ageing population, the incidence of glaucoma continues to increase. Unlike cataract which can be treated with surgery, glaucoma provides a large market for conservative and postoperative medication. Therefore, latanoprost enjoys a vast demand in China.

Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV, Pharmacia & Upjohn (Belgium), Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Pharmacia & Upjohn (Sweden) occupy the majority of the market share, among which Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV had the largest market share of about 43.1% for sales value in 2014. However, its market share was even larger i.e. 44.3% in 2013. Meanwhile, the market share of Pharmacia & Upjohn also decreased from 30.8% in 2013 to 29.5% in 2014. On the contrary, local manufacturers like Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd both reported an increased market share (a 1.5% increase from 13.7% to 15.2% achieved by Lunan Better) in 2014 and will gain a larger share as biological technology develops further and they come to know more about domestic drugs.

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