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Copper foil tape is a thin strip of copper backed with adhesive and is found at hardware, gardening stores and electronic stores. Copper foil tape is used in gardens to keep slugs and snails away from gardens, potted plants, trunks of fruit trees, and other shrubs. It is also used as electromagnetic shielding, low-profile surface mount transmission line in electronics and production of tiffany lamps. Copper foil tape is a popular choice across all industrial applications. Copper foil tape meets the exact needs of applications in industries such as EMI/RFI Shielding, arts, crafts, labels, stained glass, transformers, batteries, motors and others. Adhesive copper foil tape is produced in gauges, at varying thicknesses, as conductive adhesives and non-conductive adhesives. Copper foil tape with non-conductive adhesives is the most commonly available product.

According to the study “Asia Copper Foil Tape Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, it was observed that there is a robust growth in copper foil tape market because of it use in  various industries such as automotive, transportation, electronics, consumer goods, consumer appliances, defence and aerospace which is fuelling the cooper foil tape market in Asia. It is widely used in many industries because it possesses properties such as resistance to flame, moisture, weather, dirt, and UV degradation. Copper foil tapes are manufactured with pressure-sensitive adhesives like silicone, acrylic, rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and acryl ate to provide a vapour barrier and superior sealing. Copper foil tapes are extensively used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Acrylic adhesives are used in countries with cold weather conditions which permit the tapes to adhere very well in high humidity and low-temperature conditions. They tapes create air-tight seals in ventilation systems and duct work producing a flexible bond and providing extreme temperature resistance.

Copper foil tapes are extensively used in the electronics industry for shielding electromagnetic wave and making contact for transformers. Copper foil tapes offers superior performance in various temperature conditions. Acrylic-based copper foil tapes are more versatile and better resistant to chemicals, solvents and water. Automotive and transportation industry, use copper foil tapes for sound dampening, heat sealing, and auto repair needs. Asia copper foil tape market is categorized based on function type such as conductive tapes and adhesive tapes. Based on product types copper foil tapes are classified into tape copper foil and sheet copper foil. These tapes are used majorly in electronics industry, cable wrapping and others. Asia’s copper foil tape market is spread across China, India, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other regions. The leading players in Asia’s copper foil tape market are 3M, Ampetronic, Teraoka Tape, PPI Adhesive Products, Chibitronics, Jans Copper, SIKA and VIACOR Polymer GmbH.

Asia accounts for a largest share in copper foil tape market with China being the major consumer. Additionally, Indian electronics industry is a part of the fastest growing economies in Asia with increasing demand from smart phones and electronics industry. The demand for circuit boards and batteries is anticipated to drive the demand for copper foil tape in these regions. Rapid urbanization, government spending, investment and increase consumers’ spending are a few factors driving the infrastructure development in Asia’s construction industry coupled with copper foil tape industry. Cooper foil tapes are used in various equipments used for building heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The rising demand for copper foil tapes is anticipated to drive the market at a faster pace due to rising need for environmental protection of assemblies and surfaces from extreme chemical and temperature conditions in the next few years.

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