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The report titled “Packaging Industry in China”, provides a comprehensive analysis of packaging products in the China, various packing materials available, metal packaging, rigid plastic, glass, liquid cartons, folding cartons, flexible plastics, pet food packaging, eco-friendly packaging products and future of packing products in the China.

Industry Overview: China’s packaging industry is driven by growing population, urbanisation, industrialization, improvement in China’s economy, development in retail chain sector, healthcare, cosmetics and various other sectors. The increase in personal disposable income and improvement in living standards is fuelling the consumption of broad range package materials. The various packing materials available in China are metal packaging, rigid plastic, glass, liquid cartons, paper-based containers and flexible plastics and eco-friendly packaging products. Packaging materials are used for packing food, beauty, personal care, dog food, cat food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, liquid products, and home care products. China accounts for a majority market share in the packaging materials due to high production capacity and growing population in the recent years. Most of the manufacturing facilities are located in the Beijing and Bohai Economic Rim.

Metal Packaging in China: The rising demand for aerosol containers will drive the metal packaging category the China. The aerosol spray is a dispensing system that creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles and needs a metal bottle, which has a propellant under pressure. These metal containers are made up of aluminium. The aerosol containers are used in packing industry because they are safe, easy, fast, efficient, and effective. Consumers are a attracted towards metal packaging for alcoholic beverages which is boosting the sales of spirits and wines. Metal packaging is used in food packaging sector, beverage packaging sector and personal care packaging sector. Metal packaging is small in size and light weight that is easy to carry around easily.

Rigid Plastics Packaging in China: Almost all the bioplastics are derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and the level of carbon dioxide produced during its manufacturing process is comparatively very less. Rigid plastic is environment-friendly and can be easily absorbed by microorganisms. The demand for bioplastics is increasing due to the growth in packaging industry. Bioplastics are fuelling the growth of the rigid plastics market. These were initially used in the automotive, oil and gas industries for packing products. There is an increasing awareness in the consumer about eco-friendly raw materials that are derived from sugar cane and oilseeds in the manufacturing of bioplastics that is encouraging the growth of rigid plastic packaging market. There is a huge demand for PET bottles which is fuelling the growth of rigid plastics market. PET bottles are used in packaging household cleaning products, salad garnishing products, medicines, and skin care products. In China, rigid plastic bottles are widely used in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, home care, and agriculture.

Glass Packaging Market in China: The high recycling capacity of glass is one major reason for the growth of glass packaging market the China. Majority of the consumers prefer glass packaging due to the rising environmental concerns. Glass is made from natural materials, such as sand, limestone, soda ash and is 100% recyclable in nature. Manufacture and recycle of glass usually results in the reduction of carbon emissions. Government regulations on carbon emissions, recycling, and the use of sustainable raw materials has driven the glass packaging industry the China to introduce eco-friendly glass packaging. The rise in disposable income and huge consumption of alcohol has boosted the manufacture of glass bottles for packing of premium alcoholic products. Glass packaging is also used in packing food, beverage, personal care products and pharmaceutical products.

Liquid Carton Packaging in China: In China, liquid packaging cartons are provided for liquid food and drinks. Liquid packaging carton are used in packing milk and dairy products, juices, soft drinks, packaged water, and liquid food products.

Folding Carton Packaging in China: The consumption rate of packaged food has increased drastically over the recent years. China accounts for a major share in the paper and paperboard packaging market. The rising food consumption, growing population, increasing working women, government regulations and growing environmental concerns are driving growth in the ready-to-eat food market which is indirectly boosting the growth of folding carton market. Folding packing cartons are packaging materials that light in weight, eco-friendly, and economical.

Flexible Plastics in Packaging Industry in China: Flexible plastics that are thin, light, and easily stretchable, however, retains characteristics along with being resistant to tearing or puncturing which are suitable for manufacturing packaging products. These are chemically inert, cheap, and visually appealing, which enhances the appeal of the products when packed.
Flexible plastics in China are used to pack non-durable and fast-moving unit loads, limited bulk industrial use, personal care, and pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Pet Food Packing Materials in China: Almost all pet foods consist of dry and wet foods which are packed in a wide variety of packaging products such as bags, containers, metal cans, folding cartons, pouches, and other packaging formats.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Products in China: Eco-friendly or green packaging is produced from sustainable, renewable, and recyclable raw materials available in abundance. This technology uses materials such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass, which can be easily bent or moulded as needed and produces less toxic emissions. Consumers’ awareness in environmental safety and the need to reduce toxic emissions has led to adoption of eco-friendly packaging by various healthcare, and personal care industries within China.

Future of Packaging Industry in China: The major factors that will affect the growth of packaged products in the US are high household per capita income, growth in processed food industry, developed economy, demand for attractive packings in premium foods and beverage products. Population growth, increasing demand for automation and machinery optimization, rise in e-commerce is also fuel the development of packaging products in China. Bio-degradable and eco-friendly packaging products to boost the packaging market over in the next few years in China.

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