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The introduction of artificial intelligence in technology has proved to be disruptive in almost all industries. Major impact of this technology is witnessed by the education sector. This disruptive technology is being integrated into the education industry at both institutional and course level. The Education Business Review suggests that global artificial intelligence market in education sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43.5% during the period of 2018-2022. The applications of this technology in this sector are innumerable. From making education more accessible to students with computers or smart devices to enabling organizations to reduce the time spent on tedious tasks and increasing the time spent on each student, this technology has revolutionized this market.

Artificial intelligence has great potential in automation and reducing the amount of time on administrative tasks. As education moves away from a rote learning to more dynamic modes the concept of learn-as-you-like especially among remote learning courses has emerged. Entire courses via virtual modes can be delivered via this technology and can even reply to certain standardized queries relating to the course. The most tedious and time consuming tasks the teachers have to go throw is grading. This is a major zone where the AI can assist organizations. Currently, AI technology powered devices are capable of grading only objective answer sheets but as AI develops, it shall soon be able to assess subjective answer sheets as well. Artificial intelligence powered bots have been introduced in Georgia Tech University, where bots reply to certain common and pre determined questions without the students knowing that they do not communicate with a human being. The AI is capable of finding gaps in the curriculum based on how students actually perform in the tests. For instance is most of the students are not able to answer a particular type or question, the AI will correlate that to the curriculum and find whether the particular topic was actually missing from the course or not. It shall then assist teachers to provide better student material or learning techniques. This technology can monitor student performance indicating key weak areas where students lack performance and convey this record to the teacher who in turn can focus their attention to these weak areas. Education Market Research Reports Consulting is of the view that today every kind of student from advance students to students with special needs requires access to same kind of education. Keeping this in mind, AI can adapt to individual student requirements making learning a lot more meaningful experience for the students.

The AI technology introduced in Georgia tech university (USA) has been backed by IBM’s technology. Some established companies working under this domain are Microsoft, Quantum Solutions, Pixatel, and Nuance Communications. Many new startups have gained entry into the booming industry such as elemental path, querium corporation, metacog, jellynote and fishtree. The competition in this sector is expected to remain tense due to a high CAGR with startups trying to gain a piece of the market share.

The institutions across the globe are witnessing the future of the education industry due to the introduction of this advanced technology. It is expected to improve the way lectures are conducted in classrooms and reduce administrative tasks considerably. Plus, this technology will save millions in cost for institutions and allow them to appropriate its fund to key matters paving the way for operational effectiveness and efficiency.

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