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Vaccine refrigerator are designed to store vaccine and other medical products at a stable temperature to ensure that they do not degrade. The countries, which have sunny climate, use solar powered vaccine refrigerators. The immensely competitive vaccine refrigerator market has been observing huge and whooping investment in development and research from government as well as private firms in recent times.  Vaccine refrigerator and freezers are also used for storing various biological samples such as biological reagents, blood, blood derivatives, medicines, vaccines, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA), and flammable chemicals. It provide efficient storage and widely used in blood banks, hospitals, research laboratories, etc.

Factors driving the global vaccine refrigerators and freezers market are increasing demand for vaccines, blood transfusions, custom-made medicines and cellular therapies. In addition, in the field of medical science, driving the acceptance of vaccine refrigerators and freezers in research and educational institutes has shown an up rise because of rising research and development activities in such institutes and sectors. In addition, there is increase in the funding from various sources and R&D activities in the pharmaceutical sector up-surged the use of biomedical refrigerators and freezers. As there is increase in research of vaccines the demand for vaccines refrigerator has increased.

Nevertheless, there are various factors, which are restricting the global refrigerator, and freezers market, which includes presence of large number of local players offering cheaper products than branded products, and rising trend of using refurbished equipment worldwide due to its cheaper price is a matter of concern.

It is estimated that North America has the largest share of the global vaccine refrigerators and freezers market, and is looking forward to dominate the market in the future years may be until 2022. Factors contributing to the growth of global vaccine refrigeration and freezers market in North America are presence of large number of healthcare facilities as well as the rising demand for this equipment. At the same time, Asia-Pacific is expected to be rapidly growing region for the vaccine refrigerators and freezers market. This growth is diagnostic to the rising number of vaccine, blood banks, increasing number of healthcare facilities, rising initiatives of blood donation programs and presence of market growth oriented regulatory policies. Increasing tourismin emerging countries further promotes and upgrades healthcare spending into vaccine refrigerators and freezers market.

Many vaccines require very specific and taut temperature restrictions that cannot be maintained in standard refrigerators. Moreover, temperature discrepancies can be experienced by lighter medical grade or pharmacy grade refrigerators that can be damaging to the effectiveness of a vaccine. To ensure vaccines and other sensitive materials are stored under the proper cooling conditions. Accucold offers the VAC series of refrigerators and freezers, which are specifically constructed, designed as well as tested to ensure the proper storage conditions as recommended by the CDC.

Mostly VAC series all-refrigerators have various features. There is Self-closing doors to eliminate accidents. In addition, factory installed locks for reliable security. There are flat door liners with no door shelving as specifically recommended by the CDC. There is an internal fan to maintain a consistent interior temperature from top to bottom.

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