House Of Chiropractic In Albury NSW, Empowers Community To Achieve Better Health


Albury NSW, 16-DECEMBER-2014 – House of Chiropractic and Dr Janine Adams, chiropractor, are pleased to announce chiropractic care is devoted to helping local residents to achieve improved health without the need for invasive methods or pharmaceuticals. Chiropractors know that there can be many negative side effects with which drugs are ingested over lengthy periods, even if they are prescription drugs. The Albury Chiropractor has years of experience in caring for patients and helping to improve their overall health.

Better health comes from practicing principles of wellness. Some of the elements of health include good nutrition, proper hydration, regular exercise and stress reduction where possible. Dr. Adams, chiropractor is a skilled guide in identifying areas where health may be short-changed and providing steps to reverse those negative influences. Each patient’s care plan is separately designed and implemented.

The chiropractic doctor is ready to share health information tips with the community, both on an individual and group basis. She understands that achievement of good health is the result of good principles practiced by the patient. She offers the necessary support and education to guide the patient on the path to good health.

In addition to the practice of natural health principles, the doctor encourages patients to be aware of their spinal health. Ensuring alignment of the vertebral column is an important step to improve overall functioning of all the body systems and operations. Where adjustments are needed to correct subluxations, the doctor uses gentle and natural methods to accomplish proper vertebral column alignment.

Learn more about education in better health by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions regarding the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Janine Adams at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Janine Adams, chiropractor
Company Name: House of Chiropractic
Address: 444 David Street, Albury, NSW 2641
Contact Telephone Number: (02) 6009 0999


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