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In the present trend, in Middle East, the Saudi Arabia catering services market has grown more significantly with the great advancement in the services. This growth was fostered by the wide increase in the construction activities as the government invested in advancing the infrastructure to decrease the dependence of the Saudi Arabia on the oil segments. The industry of catering in Saudi Arabia also saw growing usage of the technology and modern manners of the introduction which involve online ordering apps, vehicle tracking systems and inventory management platform. This supported in growing the proficiency of the several procedures included in the catering business.

Middle East Catering MarketNonetheless, the UAE Catering Service Market in the Middle East region has increased more positively. Whereas, the UAE construction segment has seen increasing number of projects in the last five years. The growth in the construction activities generated the requirement for the catering services for the labor camps. The number of schools and hospitals also augmented which further grown the growth of contract catering services. The market is further fueled by the digital technology, modernization and real time supply chain administration which has advanced the superiority of the service and augmented consumer satisfaction.

Although, the legal authorities of the Qatar has initiated foremost infrastructure reforms under the Qatar National Vision 2030 in the several segments of the region namely transport network, healthcare, education, hotels and several others which further generated the choices for catering services market as the number of labor camps augmented. However, in 2017, the education and healthcare segment together unwritten remaining share in the revenue share of the catering service market. In addition, the government has prearranged massive investment for the infrastructure, hotels, transport and stadia as it prepares to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Nonetheless, with the advancement of the Qatar hospitality segment, catering services demand augmented in hotels. Qatar has seen growing number of health mindful people considering for light and nourishing food. Owing to the fluctuating predilections, various catering services have reorganized their introduction procedure. The catering service segment has seen increasing requirement from high income customers who prefer more expensive premium products. This has made the catering corporates to reread their tariffs to involve more type food items from several cuisines.

The Qatar has 100+ catering service merchants as of 2016. The foremost players in the industry are Shaqab, Newrest Gulf Catering, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company and IFS Qatar. This market has seen an increase in the competition which is being fostered by increasing requirement and growing usage of technology and advancement. Since foremost clients leasing on contractual basis, these players contest to attain contracts for lengthier period to guarantee regular orders and augment profits. They proposal dissimilar menus and customization services personalized for dissimilar end users.

In addition, they pamper in several marketing activities to figure their brand equity and dependability. Some of the happenings involve the email marketing modified for the specific consumers, brochures, pamphlets and fliers disseminated at corporate offices, schools and hospitals and establishing tastings and open houses. Therefore, in the coming years, the market of catering services in Middle East will increase more significantly over the near future.

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