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A self-driving car is a combination of cameras, artificial intelligence, GPS system and cameras. Moreover, a self-driving car is also known as an autonomous car, or robotic car or the driverless car. Furthermore, the combination of above things are proved to be beneficial for travelling one place to another without the need of any human drivers. The UAE is very much enlightened in technology. The country is very enthusiastic about embracing self-driving cars the populace of UAE are enthusiastic to welcome self-driven cars. The key players of this market in Africa is playing an important role by dominating the handsome amount of share in the short span of time whereas, with the adoption of effective market strategies and policies which become beneficial for leading the highest market growth in the near future.

According to the report analysis, ‘Middle East and Africa Self-driving Car Market (2018-2024)’ states that some of the major key players which are presently functioning in this market more actively for attaining the huge market share by doing more developments in the technology of self-driving car includes Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, Volvo and several others.  It is predictable that the self-driving car would decrease the car crash by 90%. The self-driving car market in Middle East and Africa is estimated to enlarge at a CAGR of 46.6%, foremost to global revenue of USD 18.94 Billion by 2024. Moreover, the report also cover the relevant information which includes market scope, market overview, market driver, market trends, market challenges, applications of self-driving car, value chain and several others. Furthermore, the Middle East and Africa are playing an important role in the field of the autonomous vehicle. In Dubai, Future Foundation in collaboration with Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) propelled Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy to standardize autonomous driving policies.

Based on the regions, the self-driving market is split into UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of MEA. Countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, are expected to grow in self-driving car owing to their improvements in connective devices and artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, The Middle East and Africa self-driving market are further split differently on the basis of applications, automation and technological components. The segment of application are also categorized into personal use and commercial use. Originally, self-driving cars will be owned personally. UAE is very advanced in technology. The country is very enthusiastic about assumption of self-driving cars as the citizens of UAE are motivated to welcome the self-driven cars.

The constituency faces technological challenges even though UAE is succeeding with its autonomous cars. There have been numerous public crashes in self-driving cars because of the software glitch. This depresses the confidant of attaining a self-driving car. Whereas, Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy has also encompassed the metro stations in Dubai. It objects to construct a self-driving system to transmit millions of passenger every year. Hence, in the coming years it is expected that the market of self-driving car in Africa will grow more actively over the recent few years with the effective investment in the research and development programs by the focused key players.

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