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Approximately 79% value share of overall naturally healthy beverages in 2016 was ruled by NH soft drinks. On the other side, 21% value shares were accounted by NH hot drinks. There were 70% value shares of bottled water of overall naturally healthy beverages in 2016. Therefore, it can be seen that bottled water dominated the naturally beverages market share in Chile. Consumer values NH bottled water very high as it has positioned itself to be the number one heath beverage in Chile.

According to the market research report “Naturally Healthy Beverages in Chile“, in 2016, Aguas CCU- Nestle Chile backed the leading position with 34% of share value. With high recognized Cachantun brand, the company had a strong recital. Vital was the strongest direct competitor from Coca-Cola de Chile.

Naturally healthy beverages will continue to achieve growth in future because of increase in health and wellness trend. Also because of brand competition, new labelling law, affordable prices, healthy beverages have gained sudden popularity and will continue with similar trend in the future. Chile is a fruit-producing hub however; sadly, its fruit/vegetable juice market is quite underdeveloped. Higher quality and health-oriented products from natural ingredients will be mass-produced by the NH fruit/vegetable category, which would also be rich in antioxidants and have inflammatory effects. Over the forecast period, products like Maqui, made from aloe Vera, various types of berries and super fruits are expected to perform well. Coconut and plant water will witness brisk growth in future years.

Due to increase in population in Chile, there is a large share of youngsters in the country, which has also leaded to the increase in sales of naturally healthy beverages in Chile. There is a new trend of healthy eating and living with pressure on consumers to check the ingredients before consuming the products. Therefore, the consumers are demanding naturally healthy beverages in large scale. In addition, the manufacturers of naturally beverages are doing their best so that they can meet the demand and satisfy the consumers. Many international companies have started introducing the category of naturally healthy beverages.

Obesity is also one reason that makes consumers bend towards natural products instead of other category beverages. There is an involvement of more potassium in coconut water than banana. In addition, coconut water does not have any added sugar, cholesterol or any preservatives. It is natural and good for health. Therefore, coconut water is seeking strong growth in Chile.

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