New online local search engine which is a boon for local businesses.


Products/services which have a strong presence locally and which are recognized locally get maximum visibility and prime place in local search. In quicksavy you can see the benefits for stores/localbusinesses such as

  • As there are more than 175 categories you can put your business details in your related category.
  • Free registration which is cheap and best for all the store owners.
  • Easy navigation, so there is no problem for understanding the navigation as it is placed in order.
  • You can give your mobile numbers so that customer can contact directly to your mobile.
  • Marketing through online can save the time and gives more visibility to your ad.


For all the internet browsers across the country this is a good opportunity to use the new local searchengine quicksavy which gives the full information about all products and services in and around Hyderabad.

Browse, select what you are looking for & search. Find loads of information relevant to you to be more time specific, we have incorporated a search, for the ease of our users, which on entering what you want and hitting the enter button on the keyboard, would provide the relevant information you searched for.

For further information please contact us on : for any enquiry call us on mob:- +918019300500.



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