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Ken Research has announced its distribution on, “Minor Markets Cider Market Insights Report 2016” which provides top line data and textual analysis of the cider category and contains proper presentation including three tables for each market plus a bullet point text which covers findings and drivers.

The report evaluates what shapes the market and the likely direction cider is expected to take in each market for future growth opportunities and to support brand development and marketing initiatives. It helps in gaining an indispensable overview of the markets where cider is an emerging category for enhancing corporate strategic planning. The report covers the present scenario and provides inkling to the growth prospects of the minor cider market.


  • The cider category has remained a segment that is much related to a specific time of the year. Though the main players toil very hard in changing the seasonally adjusted trend, consumption is still related to Christmas and end of year celebrations.
  • Single-serve products as well as premium brands are earning a major share in markets such as Chile as consumers are aspiring for innovation.
  • Distribution barriers are impacting the growth since the local ciders are not available at off season period, as well as the high price of the products are thereby prevailing in some markets.
  • Cider consumption is anyhow forecasted to continue expanding at steady rates as the main players in the industry will continue ascending their efforts to attract new consumers to the category.
  • The only exception that could be developed has been in the development of the premium segment, which could gain strong market share. The traditional retail stores are expected to continue representing the main channel where cider consumption is mercenary and ultimately lead to creation of profits for the industry.

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Companies Covered : Compania Cervecerias Unidas S.ACarlsberg Group, SABMiller Plc, Heineken

  • Countries covered: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia.

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