Singapore Chiropractic Office, East Coast Chiropractic Pte Ltd, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast


Singapore, 16-DECEMBER-2014 – East Coast Chiropractic Pte Ltd and Dr. Greg McRae DC are pleased to announce comprehensive pain relief techniques for local residents. Pain for very specific causes require specific techniques, but general principles for pain relief are also part of the actions provided by chiropractors. The Singapore Chiropractor has the knowledge and experience to identify pain causes so that the cause can be removed. He does not rely on drugs or surgery, which only mask the symptoms.

Pain can result from events such as vehicle accidents, work place injuries, falls and sports injuries. It may also occur from incorrect posture, diseases, stress and environmental issues. The chiropractor begins a consultation with a patient by a review of the available data. This can include a physical exam, digital imaging study, and a patient history. By looking at the data, the chiropractor is able to formulate a plan to relieve the pain by removing the underlying cause.

Natural methods as offered by a chiropractor, are applied to fit the needs of the specific patient. Injuries to the skeletal system, for instance, are addressed in a different manner than soft tissue injuries. In some cases, spinal issues must be resolved in order for pain relief in the nerves, connective tissue and muscles to be alleviated.

Chiropractors work to eliminate pain that is the result of recent events. They also supply remedies for chronic pain. Patients are encouraged to seek chiropractic help soon after an accident, rather than allowing the pain levels to escalate and create further problems.

Learn more about natural and effective pain relief methods by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have more questions about the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Greg McRae at the location presented below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Greg McRae, DC
Company Name: East Coast Chiropractic
Address: No1 Marine Parade Central # 12-06 Parkway Centre, Singapore, 449408
Contact Telephone Number: 6345-3309
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