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The report titled “Herbs, Spices & Seasonings (Seasonings, Dressings & Sauces) Market in Asia-Pacific-Outlook to 2021: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics”, provides a comprehensive analysis of herbs, spices and seasonings in Asia-Pacific region, basic function of herbs, spices and seasonings, market growth, types of herbs, spices and seasonings, uses, leading players, and future of herbs, spices and seasonings market.

Herbs, Spice and Seasonings Market Overview: Herbs are dried leaves of plants or the green parts of plants used for flavouring, medicine, and perfumes. Seasoning is a process of adding salt, pepper, spices, and herbs during food preparation. Spices can be dried fruits, seeds, bark, or roots used to give flavour, aroma, as well as colour to food. Most of the spices and herbs carry varied medicinal properties that are being used since ancient times to heal wounds and health problems. Spice is usually an aromatic vegetable substance in the whole, broken or ground form which is traditionally regarded as foods, such as onions, garlic and celery. Spices function is seasoning rather than nutritional and from which no portion of any volatile oil or other flavouring principle has been removed.

Herbs spice and seasonings market in Asia-Pacific is thriving due to strong demand for the products. The herbs, spices and seasonings are categorized as food preservatives and shelf-life extension ingredients because of the prevalence of tropical climate in most of the Asia-Pacific region. The herbs, spices and seasonings market in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a steady rate in the next few years. The increased availability of international cuisines in the major economies, shifting consumer focus towards natural products and increasing demand for convenience foods are the major factors leading to the growth of the herb extract and spice markets in Asia-Pacific. Dohler is a leading player in Asia-Pacific which focuses on natural herb and spice extracts as they are becoming popular in every segment of the food and beverage industry.  Natural herb and spice extracts offer plenty of opportunities for new and attractive taste creations.

Herbs, Spice and Seasonings Types and Distribution Channels: The spice and herb extracts are segmented into celery, cumin, chili, coriander, cardamom, oregano, pepper, basil, ginger, thyme and other type of extracts. Oregano records a huge growth in the recent years.  By product type, the spice and herb extracts market is subcategorized into essential oils, seasonings, blends, and others type of spice and herb extract based products. There is a major demand for chilly and pepper extracts which are mostly used in convenience and street foods. All the spice and herb extracts are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries such as dairy, dressings and marinades, meat and poultry, snacks, soft drinks, tea and herbal drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other applications. The major distribution channels for the herbs, spices and seasonings in Asia-pacific region are hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, dollar stores, e-Retailers, and other general retailers.

Spice and Herb Extracts Market in Asia-Pacific: The spice and herb extracts market in Asia-Pacific has a good trade potential in countries like India and China. There is a demand for high imports from European and North American regions. Majority of the spice and herb extracts are traded in both local and export markets which are produced by small-scale farmers in Asia-Pacific. Philippines, India, China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to witness a promising growth in the spice and herbal extracts market over the next few years. It was observed that there is a strong demand for spices and herb extracts in the west Asian markets for the manufacture of curry powder and masala powder. With the strong demand for spices and herb extracts in the European and North American markets, Asia-Pacific is leading globally in this market.

Leading Players in Herbs and Spice Extracts in Asia-Pacific: The leading players in spice and herb extracts market in Asia-Pacific are Döhler Gmbh, Synthite Industries Ltd., Kalsec Inc., Naturex SA, Mccormick & Company, Inc., and Kerry Group. Other players in Asia-Pacific spices and herbs extract market are Arjuna Natural Extracts Limited, Bio-gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd., Cosmark Pty Ltd., K.Patel Phyto Extractions Pvt. Ltd., Kangcare Bioindustry Co.,Ltd., Kuber Impex Limited, Langdon Ingredients, Lehmann & Voss & Co., McCormick & Company, Inc., Nantong Sihai Plant Extracts Co., Ltd., Nutra Green Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, Organic Herb Inc, Plant Extracts International Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, The Herbal Extract Company of Australia, Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd, and Xena Bio Herbals.

Leading Players in Spice and Seasonings in Asia-Pacific: There is a huge demand for spices and seasoning in Asia-Pacific region which are considered as the valuable commodity since the medieval and ancient times. The spices and seasoning market is a recession proof market as consumers opt to eat at home during economically recessive times and the market prevails, irrespective of economic conditions. Asia-Pacific’s seasoning and spices market is fragmented with many leading companies that are driving the growth in the seasonings and spices market. The leading players are Fuchsna, McCormick & Company, Olam International, MDH spices, Unilever, Catch, Everest Spices and many more.

Future of Herbs, Spices and Seasonings Market in Asia-Pacific: Modern foods consist of herbs, spices and seasonings as important ingredients which makes it easier for the market to grow exponentially. There is an increasing demand for Asian cuisines in the western countries, thus a huge demand for herbs, spices and seasonings is witnessed. Asia-Pacific constitutes nearly 60% of the seasoning and spices market on a global scale and is expected to grow steadily by the year 2023.

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