The Little Gym Of Marlton Offers Fun Winter Classes For Children


Marlton NJ, 06-JANUARY-2015 – The Little Gym of Marlton is pleased to announce that the schedule for winter classes has been announced for youngsters in the Marlton area. The elements of Marlton NJ Childrens Gymnastics programs include moving, brain power and citizenship elements. At the same time children are taught the elements of gymnastics, they are exposed to fun activities which enhance their success path in life.

Each program is broken down into multi-week units for learning which gradually build specific skills throughout the core season. The progression of skills is not forced, but grows into the session and into following years. Within each Learning Unit, physical activity is a pathway for “Three-Dimensional Learning”. Each child is exposed to growth in each of the three dimensions: “Get Moving”, “Brain Power”, and “Citizen Kid”. The rewards to children are better agility, more self-confidence and pride in accomplishment.

The specific classes offered in the gymnastics area are split into two main groups, Pre-School and Kindergarten ages three to six years are further divided into five co-ed classes by age group. These include the Funny Bugs, 3-4 years; Giggle Worms, 4-5 years; Good Friends, 5-6 years; Mini Flips, 3-4 years, advanced; and Mini Jets 5-6 years, advanced.

In the six to twelve year age group, there are seven challenging gymnastics classes for kids. For girls, participation in the Flips, 6-12 years, beginners; Twisters, 6-12 years, intermediate; Aerials, 6-12, intermediate/advanced and Jets, 6-12 years, advanced. Boys can join in the Hot Shots, 6-12, beginning and intermediate; or the Flic Flacs, 6-12 years advanced. There is a co-educational group called Tumblers for girls and boys of six to twelve years and all skill levels.

Learn more about the winter season classes at Little Gym of Marlton by visiting the web pages online at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact the company at the location described below.

Company Name: The Little Gym of Marlton
Address: 117B Route 73 South Marlton Crossing Shopping Center, Marlton, NJ 08053
Contact Telephone Number: (856) 810-0010


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