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Ken Research has announced the report on the growth estimates of Mobile Game Handle Industry, in the global market named as, “Global Mobile Game Handle Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017“. This report gauges over the major developments and growth prospects of the global mobile game handle industry. Herein, the in-depth analysis has been provided inclusive of the integrity of knowledge as well as with the comprehensiveness of contents, which is farther promised to be of professional help to even the industry insiders or investors. Additionally, the analysis is based on the international market including development history, market share, market trends, competitive landscape analysis and major regions development status.

The in-depth market analysis has been inculcated with the basic overview of the industry supported by particulars regarding its definition, classifications, applications, development policies and plans, manufacturing processes, cost structures, import/export, supply and consumption figures, price, revenue and gross margin by regions, company profiles, product specification, upstream raw materials, and downstream consumers analysis is also carried out. Further, the report analyzes the feasibility of investment, investment return analysis and shows a complete picture of market development scope.


With the innovation and prevalence of smart phones, and the further additions of mobile games to it has served as a cherry over the cake for the entire economy. This has led to the tremendous deviation of the social beings from the old school exclusive products like the PSP, NDS, etc. to the more user friendly mobile game apps. Further to break through the innovation of game chains, has been the development of the mobile game handles. These touch panels are very convenient and comfortable to the consumers in accordance with the various requirements of the games. One of the most prevalent and intelligent mobile phone accessories is called the PHONEJOY PLAY, assisting the mobile in becoming a PSP along with the advantage of matching with the different size of the mobile phones and pads and the ability to connect with Android and iOS equipment through the Bluetooth.

The mobile data value network engulfs the whole of the mobile gaming ecosystem, accentuating the telecommunications market through its driven success. The implications can further be drawn to the development and innovations of mobile game handle industry. Since the past few years, the huge business potential behind the mobile games and its accessories has been acknowledged by the telecommunications industry. However, the business model of a telecommunications firm is mainly driven by the value proposition it can offer to its end customers while the business model of game publishers is driven mostly by economic considerations. In accordance with the Casual Games Sector Report, it has been anticipated that the global mobile game handle market will soon be reaching elevated heights, due to the explosion of mobile gaming apps with the ever increasing Smartphone friendly users.

The mobile game handle market enumerates over the primary market operations, inclusive of the evaluation of the nature and specific characteristics of products and services it provides. The market has been further segmented on the basis of  varied product types, applications, network of supply chain, consumer segment , commercial areas, varied price ranges (premium, mid-size and low) and geography.


The prominences of smart phones and mobile internet itself have been the greatest drivers for the origination as well as the progression of the mobile game handle industry. They have provided a wide population of users to attract and acquire. Other factors include the enhanced and enlarged screens of the smart phones which makes the visual appearance of gaming very soothing and easy to the user’s eye. The personal screens are expected to grow in share by the end of 2017. The third major factor is connectivity, pertaining to the global gaming market which is anticipated to accelerate rapidly in the upcoming years. The penetration of smart phones alongside online connectivity in addition to the increasing disposable income of the population and time spent on media will reinforce Asia and other markets to take the lead.

High numbers of mobile gamers have become saturated within the developed countries of North America, Western Europe and Oceania, because of which the growth has become stagnant. However, the mobile game handle industry can be seen as rapidly thriving in the economies of LATAM, MEA, Eastern Europe and Asia, where there is still plenty of room for mobile penetration and the increasing popularity of gaming to take hold along with its convenience accessories.

The key players identified as playing significant role in the growth and development of the mobile game handle industry include Mad Catz, MOGA, NVIDIA, Nyko, Razer Inc, 8Bitdo, Ipega, Wamo, AfterPad, GAMETEL, EVOLUTION CONTROLLERS, and SONY. They continue to expand significant R&D efforts, developing even newer technology in all these product areas.

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