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Europe is at the heart of global vaccine research and production. Influenza is a vaccine preventable disease and influenza vaccine has been available for use in Europe since 1960’s.

Approximately, at US$ 1 billion, Europe influenza market was closed. Nevertheless, the highest influenza market share was held by United Kingdom. West Europe has more than US$ 500 Million. United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain hold 80 percent of influenza market share. France holds the second post, as United States holds the first post in children vaccine market. In addition, in adult vaccine market, United States and Germany was almost at a same pace.

Seasonal influenza vaccines need a yearly update because of constant evolution of influenza viruses in Europe and other countries as well. The match between selected vaccine virus and those found circulating determine the effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine, which vary from year to year. There is a meeting held each year in February, in order to find best match and increase the vaccine efficiency and effectiveness.

According to the market research report “Europe Influenza Vaccine Market & Forecast (23 Countries Market & Vaccinated Population Data) By (Pediatrics & Adult) & Vaccine Brands Analysis“, the immunity that is extended by influenza vaccines is not as long lived as the immunity following natural influenza infection. This is particularly so for those who belong to the risk group, hence people have to be vaccinated yearly. There are three influenza immunization strategies which is feasible but Europe is the country where it is firstly most important and widely used.

Discreet analysis has been made on the part of competitors.  There are three major players which have a major share of the influenza vaccine market in terms of revenue.The key influencers with their products in the influenza vaccine market are Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Seqirus, AstraZeneca and Protein Sciences Corporation. There are other emerging players as well as if Novavax, Daiichi-Sankyo, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd and VaxInnate are making novel technology based influenza vaccine, which may tend to affect the market share in the future.

In Europe, protecting the vulnerable is one of the main strategies of immunization programs, which is to directly or indirectly protect individuals that are more vulnerable. Direct protection involves immunizing people who are more likely to develop austere disease if they are infected by influenza viruses. There is also an indirect protection strategy of immunizing those with close contact with people in risk groups. The importance of this is growingas that the ordinary influenza vaccines are more effective in healthy adults than older people and those with chronic conditions, including immunodeficiency and this is now accelerated. Moreover, children under six months of age that cannot be vaccinated and it may be protected by the indirect ammunition strategies.

To determine how effective influenza vaccines work each season, influenza vaccine efficaciousness is measured in observational studies. Vaccine productiveness is an estimate of the likelihood that a vaccine prevents influenza infection when used in everyday practice. In Europe influenza, vaccine effectiveness studies have been followed according in a desired manner since in year 2008-09, a network of public health and academic researchers. However, results have been come out by age group and by various influenza vaccine strains. In general, a vaccine effectiveness and cooperative assessment has been estimated for the three different influenza A (H1N1, H3N2) and B strains (Victoria or Yamagata lineages) apart from the last two seasons where only a limited effectiveness was observed against influenza yield by circulating H3N2 viruses due to mismatch.

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