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What Is The Current Scenario Of Fitness Centres In Algeria?

With a population of 44.2 million and $141.3 Bn GDP as of 2020, Algeria’s economy has been growing @2.9% 5-year compound annual growth. Population in Algeria, irrespective of age groups participate actively in regular physical activities such as walking, cycling & gymming in public parks, fitness centers or at home. Majority of the people in Algeria spend 1-4 hours exercising daily or performing some form of physical activity such as Yoga, Walking, Zumba and others to stay fit and healthy.

Around 35.0% of the population in Algeria, majorly comprising of age group 25-35 years invest 5-8 hours/week are more health conscious and belong to a fitness club than any other age category representing the service addressable market for a fitness industry.

The Algeria fitness Industry has expanded significantly over the last decade contributing ~% of GDP in 2020.  Demand for fitness centers is mostly driven by rising health awareness and increased women’s participation in fitness centres. The industry is transitioning to customer-centric service emphasizing on customer acquisition rather than customer retention. Refining sustainable and customer-centric operations is now becoming the key to success via rich content, attentive service and diversified revenue streams.

Fitness Market Algeria

Growing awareness regarding the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, increasing penetration of the key players of the market coupled with several numbers of innovations in the fitness equipment are driving the market. However, lack of availability of trained and experienced personnel is a major challenge in Algeria Fitness Market.

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Direct Economic Impact Of Fitness Centres
Algeria Health and Fitness Market contributed $~ Mn Revenue in 2020 with Offline and Online Fitness Centres contributing ~% and ~% respectively. The number of establishments grew by ~CAGR during 2015-2020.

Commercial Gyms: Commercial gyms and fitness centers focusing on health & fitness of the customers contributed majority of the market revenue generating $~ Mn in 2020 with popular fitness centers dominating the market revenues.

Hotel Gyms: Hotels and Resorts in Algeria contributed $~ revenue with only a few major international chains having the onsite fitness facility in their properties. The increase in number of star hotels with a well-equipped gym and professional trainers has accelerated the size of hotel-based fitness centres.

Schools/Universities: 20-30% of the Universities in Algeria have well equipped gyms in their campuses/hostels for the students who aspire for physical well-being thus promoting an active healthy lifestyle.

Residential Townships/Compounds: The fitness centres in residential compounds and townships in Algeria are well equipped with a wide range of equipment giving users a level of variety in their workout. The closure of public gyms, fitness centers and clubs since COVID 19 has led to an astounding demand for residential/community gyms.

Medical Fitness Centres and Others: Most medical fitness & wellness centers offer a variety of services like physical therapy, massage, and health related workshops open to the community and have professionals that are well aware of providing individualized programs for people with medical conditions.

Indirect Economic Impact Of Fitness Centres

The fitness market has a ripple effect on other sectors such as fitness equipment industry, construction, real estate, apparel and footwear and technology.

Fitness Equipment Market: Algeria Fitness Equipment Market generated a revenue of $~Mn in 2020. Majority of the Fitness Equipments in Algeria are locally manufactured and rest are imported from countries such as Germany, Italy and China and distributed to various end users.

Premiumization of Real Estate: Renting in areas with recreational clubs & other amenities such as gym costs $`-$~ per sq. ft above the average standard rate. In big cities such as Algiers, the price difference in apartment buildings with gyms versus the city’s average rent tends to be higher than in other locations such as Oran and generally pricier than what an off-premise gym charge.

Construction Sector: The cost of constructing a Fitness Centre in Algeria stands around $~ -$~ per square metre where labors involved in the construction and maintenance of the centres are paid $~ an hour, thereby generating employment in the industry. Building costs for existing rental space or new construction are affected by the geographical location of the club with higher costs of construction materials and labor in urban and developed cities.

Socio Economic Impact Of Fitness Centres

Algeria has been termed as the best Health rank in North Africa with extensive investment in the Healthcare sector with public healthcare network ranked as the 173rd most secure healthcare network. However, Algeria has been facing many healthcare challenges such as CVD, Diabetes and Cancer. Assuming a significant percentage of the population affected with lifestyle diseases goes to a fitness centre, the estimated savings in direct health care costs from Algeria’s fitness centres is $~ Mn in a year. The largest component of this saving arises from the avoided costs of cardiovascular disease, which provides a saving of around $~ Mn in a year along with increase in workforce participation and increase in workforce productivity ~% and ~% respectively.

Future Catalysts In Algeria Fitness Market

Market is anticipated to show a double-digit growth @19.4% CAGR due to rapidly rising interest in all kinds of wellness-related behaviors and lifestyles accompanied by accelerating consumer spending. The offline fitness centers in Algeria Health and Fitness market is expected to contribute majority of the revenue share with online fitness market anticipated to show a double digit growth @30.2% CAGR in the forecasted year. Initiatives by the Government to develop the Hospitality Sector will encourage Hotels & Resorts to incorporate fitness centres in their properties and expand their offerings.

Key Segments Covered in Algeria Fitness Market: –

Direct Economic Impact of Fitness Centers

Overview of Commercial Gyms in Algeria Health and Fitness Market

Overview of Fitness Centers in Hotels and Resorts

Overview of Fitness Centers in Schools and Universities

Overview of Fitness Centers in Residential Townships/Compounds

Overview of Fitness Centers in Hospitals

Overview of Fitness Centers in Sports Clubs and Govt. Organizations

Indirect Economic Impact of Fitness Centers

Algeria Fitness Equipment Industry Market Size

Evaluation of Premiumization on Real Estate Sector

Estimated Cost of Constructing a Fitness Centre

Key Target Audience

Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

Fitness Equipment Distributors

Fitness Centers

Government Organizations

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2015-2020

Forecast Period: 2020–2025

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Socio-Economic Landscape of Algeria
  • Direct and Indirect Economic Impact of Fitness Industry in Algeria
  • Overview of Commercial Gyms in Algeria Health and Fitness Market
  • Snapshot of Digital Fitness Market in Algeria
  • Assessment of the Indirect Economic Impact of Fitness Industry in Algeria
  • Algeria Fitness Equipment Industry Market Size
  • Evaluation of Premiumization on Real Estate Sector
  • Assessment of the Indirect Economic Impact of Fitness Industry in Algeria
  • Overview of Healthcare Scenario/Health Statistics
  • Potential Health Implications and Health Cost Reductions
  • Customer Mindset for Fitness Services
  • Impact of COVID 19 on Fitness Industry in the Algeria
  • Future Outlook and Projections for Algeria Fitness Services Market
  • White space and Opportunities existing in the Algeria Fitness Services Market
  • Research Methodology

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COVID 19 Impact on Algeria Fitness Services Market

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