Rapidly rising interest in all kinds of wellness-related behaviors and lifestyles will help the Algeria Fitness market to double its growth rate: Ken Research


1. Fitness industry in Algeria is an underpenetrated market with just a 1.0% penetration rate.

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The fitness market in Algeria is an underpenetrated market with one of the lowest penetration rates in the MENA market. However, growing consumer awareness of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, the adoption of digital advances for connectivity, and creative training methods are driving the growth of the industry. Moreover, women are increasingly participating in the fitness sector as trainers, fitness influencers, and entrepreneurs which is leading to an increase in female memberships and employment.

2. Offline health and fitness centers dominate the market with the highest revenue contribution in the year 2020.

Algeria Fitness Services IndustryThe fitness industry of Algeria can be segmented into two parts: offline and online fitness industry. Presently, offline fitness centres leads the segment with ~87% of the total market revenue generated in the year 2020 whereas the online fitness market contributes only ~13% of the total revenue. But, the contribution of the online fitness market is poised to grow in the coming future with the rise in demand for virtual sessions in the country.

3. Large tech-savvy and young connected population is driving the growth of the digital fitness market of Algeria

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The Algeria Digital Fitness segment has witnessed a tremendous growth of ~92% CAGR during 2017-2020. The pandemic played a key role in the expansion of the online fitness sector in the country as offline fitness centers were closed due to the lockdown which led to the adoption of virtual training and at-home training. Now that the lockdown is over and offline fitness centers are opened, still large tech-savvy and young connected populations are opting for virtual fitness workouts owing to convenience and affordability due to small group training.

4. Digital Fitness App Market is expected to grow around ~30% CAGR in the next five years owing to the increasing internet penetration.

Algeria Fitness Services Market AnalysisEnhancing fitness awareness and popularization of the fitness apps due to penetration of internet and increase in mobile phone users is expected to drive the market growth. The industry is experimenting with “digital fitness” by offering online classes and incorporating fitness-based apps for at-home exercise.  All these factors will help the online fitness industry to experience a double-digit growth rate by 2025.

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