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Industry Overview: Retailing is basically the sale of goods via internet and also includes business-to-business, and website-to-consumer and also sales of products and services. It is a leading consumer preference as many food and drink companies have resorted to this new way of sale. It is also known by the name of E-tailing. Food and drink internet retailing in Argentina market represents the board-level conversation in multichannel and ecommerce, with a focus on commercial outcomes and connection with the digital, demanding customer. Food and drink centre of the internet retail require enormous amounts to trust from the consumer. The consumers usually do not prefer the products coming from the internet as a reliable source. The prices being higher than a normal grocery store, the quality and quantity of the products are all under question.

Changing traditions in Argentina: One of the leading industries of Argentina is the food and drink internet retail. People much prefer going about the internet and order some groceries which can be delivered to them in a few hours. They can enjoy sitting at home and just click the button of the items they want. The scope of the internet retailing can hardly be argued. The fact that many companies have their way to make websites for their own goods so that they can sell them online says volumes of the changing traditions in Argentina. The obstacles which can be conquered are simply that the products quality cannot be certain. The prices on the website are also higher than going into the stores and buying it. Despite all that, Consumers can choose what is more convenient: to take the order at home on an agreed day and time or to pick it up personally from the nearest store.

Future of internet retailing: The internet retailing on food and drinks in Argentina is definitely a growing trade. This new way of handling commerce which is entrusted upon technology of this era is only seen growing.  Though there are still companies like Carrefour in Argentina who do not have an internet handling of food and drinks. This can because of their several traditions which are highly respected. Many of the companies in Argentina have started with this new way of living and understanding the importance of retailing and internet handling. The sales are increasing and the prices are decreasing as everyday has these brand new offers and discounts on the products. People prefer sitting at home and getting goods delivered to them or order them and then just picking them up at the store instead of wasting a lot of time in the store deciding what to get. All the retailers are boosting the internet channel with aggressive offers and discounts on several products. Also, most of them are expanding their product offers and creating a friendlier experience for customers.

Delivery industries such as Mercadoni have had a 200% increase in sales since the companies have started approaching them for the deliveries of the product. The fact is that food and drink internet retailing in Argentina has gone to a rise and is also competing with the electronics industry.

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