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Azelaic acid is an organic compound found in plants which is primarily used to serve as the defense mechanism for plants during infection. The chemical is used mainly to manufacture salzylic acid which is used by plants for defense against infections and dangers that could affect plant health. Yet this natural component has many uses for industrial application. The main being the manufacture of polymers and plasticize. Azelaic acid is also a major component in many shampoos and conditioners. Azelaic acid is industrially produced by the ozonolysis of oleic acid. A side product of the production process is nonanoic acid. It is produced naturally by Malassezia furfur (also known as Pityrosporum ovale), a yeast that lives on normal skin. The bacterial degradation of nonanoic acid gives azelaic acid. The chemical has a variety of medical applications as well. Azelaic acid is a major component in the treatment of mild to moderate levels of acne. The substance works by killing spores of acne producing bacteria. The chemical also reduces inflammation in skin and bumps caused by roscecea. It also works effectively against skin pigmentation and is effective in reducing the production of Melanin

The research report Asia Azelaic Acid Industry covers the growing and highly diverse Azelaic Acid market. The market is segmented based on the product between Polymer Grade, Technical Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade Azelaic acid. The segmentation is also done based on the primary application areas as there are various ways of implementing Azelaic acid in manufacturing, production and modification for the end user industries including Calendaring Process Resin, Lubricants, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics. The competitive scenario is diverse taking industry and market participants in China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Japan among others. The primary market participants are Emery Oleochemicals, Matrica, BASF, Croda Sipo, Nantong Hengxing Electronic Materials, Jiangsu Senxuan, Ninghai Zhonglong and Hubei Tuochu

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