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The report Asia Balsa Core Material Industry covers the growing demand and the increasing application areas in the industry of Balsa wood. The report uses several segmentation variables as parameters to split the market. The segmentation based on the product type splits the market between Monolayer and Multilayer Balsa core. The segmentation based on the application area is Wind Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Transportation, Construction and Others. The report covers the competitive scenario in various key markets of the Asia Pacific region including China, India, Japan, South Korea, India and Saudi Arabia as well indicating the growing level of market entrants with detailed analysis of 3A Composites Core Materials, Bcomp Ltd, Carbon-Core Corp, CoreLite, Gurit, Evonik Industries AG, I-Core Composites and Nord Compensate.

Balsa core indicates the wood derived from the Ochroma genus tree. The specific species of wood is known as Ochroma Pyramidale. The wood is spongy in texture owing to the large amount of water in the cells of the tree which makes it light and soft. Despite the soft texture of the wood, it has a high density of 40-340 Kg/m3 giving it a sturdy and strong structure. The growing use of the Balsa wood has led to increased demand for Balsa based products, the most famous inclusion of Balsa wood is in the floor panels of the recent Chevrolet Corvette model. The tree is native to Bolivian, Brazil and Mexico. The average density of Balsa wood comes to about 160 Kg/m3. The light yet stiff density of Balsa wood allows it to be used in structures like Model bridges, model aircrafts, and components for remote control aircrafts and crank baits for fishing. The dried sticks of Balsa wood are used as makeshift pens for calligraphy. The core use of Balsa is in composites. For example, parts of wind turbines are made of Balsa wood tennis racquets have a layer of Balsa wood, Balsa wood is also used in laminates together with glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) for making high-quality balsa surfboards and for the decks and topsides of many types of boats, especially pleasure craft of less than 30 m (98 ft) in length.

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