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When considering transmission of liquid or fluid substances at high temperatures there is a growing need for quality hoses that provide smooth transmission, minimal leakage and durability for transmission. Increasing industrial need and higher specification requirements have led to more differentiated production of compound hoses designed to suit specific needs. The main benefits of compound hoses are shown in transmission activities.  During fluid and liquid transmission, a compound hose absorbs piping movements or vibration in both axial and lateral directions.  Advanced compound hoses have rigid pipe elbows to accommodate tight bend radius and eliminate bending stress of the hose. Key criteria in deciding the effectiveness of the hose is the type of coupling being used. The coupling that is used when manufacturing the hose makes a major difference in its flow and absorption properties. The type of layering adopted is another key factor in the quality and usage of the hose. Layering structures are decided based on the type of end usage / the application area that it is required for. Some hoses have a simple layering structure while some have incredibly complex layering with several microfiber and textile layers being implemented into the hose structure. Modern compound hoses come with a variety of benefits implemented to enhance durability for more difficult conditions which is increasingly part of the specification of the hose. Today, compound hoses come with fire, ozone and high level abrasion resistance for more effective and longer lasting compound hoses for industrial purposes

The report Asia Compound Hose Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report focuses on splitting the market based on various segmentation parameters to comprehensively understand the market in terms of demand, products, and of major impacting factors. The first split between product types segments the market between Food Grade, Medical Grade and Chemical Grade compound hoses. The second split category is based on the type of applications which segments the market between Consumer Goods, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Other. The report covers major countries that form significant markets for the compound hose industry in Asia. The major nations indicated in the report are China, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan and more. The competition scenario focuses on major players that contain a significant portion of the market and have promising growth opportunities to be major market players between Dantec, Trelleborg, Jingjiang Daming Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Delox, Cjan Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd, TAIEN, EATON and LY Fluid

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