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Chemicals and chemical industry plays a crucial role in accomplishing daily requirements of a common man. It is the oldest industry which attributes substantially to the economic and industrial growth of region. Almost, every industry starting from oil, gas, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, textiles, food, energy and many others, depends heavily on the chemical industry. The biofuel catalyst industry has experienced a drastic growth and change in structure-wise such as enhancements in technology, increasing raw material costs, with manufacturing base in Asian countries along with promising growth in biofuel catalyst market.

Biofuel catalysts are used to produce biofuels by transesterification reactions. Edible and non-edible vegetable oils or animal fats are used in transesterification reaction in the presence of a catalyst. From the past two decades, biofuel production has become popular using transesterification reaction of a triglyceride with a primary alcohol in the presence of alkaline catalysts. Advanced technologies are utilized in biofuels production that are efficient and can economically convert renewable feed stocks. Catalysts in biofuels is used for hydro treating of natural oils, fats, upgrading and stabilization of pyrolysis oils to produce gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The choice of a catalyst depends on biofuel production, amount of free fatty acids and raw materials.

According to the study “Asia Biofuels Catalysts Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, based on product, Asia biofuel catalyst market is classified into alkaline catalyst, acid catalyst, and enzyme catalysts. Alkali and acid catalysts are available in abundance which are commonly used for the production of biofuels. Low cost and wide available alkali catalysts are sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide that are employed used in biofuel production. Acid catalyzed chemical reaction under low temperature and pressure environment is considered most economical for any biofuel production with maximum yield. Hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid are the common acid catalysts. The leading players in Asia’s biofuel catalyst market are BASF SE, W.R. Grace, Honeywell, Solvay S.A, Tokyo Chemical, Solvionic SA, Sinopec, Clariant, INTERCAT and BTG Biomass Technology.

Asia’s biofuel catalyst market will witness a drastic growth over the next few years due to vast opportunities in biofuel production, increasing number of diesel vehicles, growing automotive industry, advanced technology, demand for sustainable energy, and rise in domestic demand for biofuels. The decrease in fossil fuels has propelled the growth of biofuels and is driving Asia’s biofuel catalyst market. Carbon dioxide is major by-product during the combustion of the fossil fuels and is the primary contributor to global warming. Advanced technologies such as bio-catalysts are utilized in biofuel production to reduce cost production and cost of purification of biofuel. Therefore, biocatalysts are likely to boost Asia’s biofuel catalyst market in the near future. Majority of the biofuel manufacturers are investing heavily in research & development activities to improve the efficiency and selectivity of catalysts for renewable applications. The increasing demand for biofuels coupled with bio-catalysts in Asian economies will surely drive the growth in the biofuel catalyst market over the next few years.

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