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How Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Is Positioned?

Pharmaceuticals industry in Brazil had begun to evolve in the early 2000’s with the entry of Generic Drugs in the country. Moreover, in 1990, the Brazilian government also installed their free Universal health system (SUS) for the Brazilian population. In 1996, Brazilian patent law was introduced which led to substantial investments in the improvement of operational infrastructure in the country.

Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

The market has been observed to be at the growth stage, owing to the presence of many international and domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers in Brazil. The industry is booming with the Universal Health System (SUS), growing elderly population (Above 65 Years) and growing investment in R&D for new drugs in Brazil. The reported number of death cases due to cardiovascular disease and Cancer accounted for the highest percentage share of ~% and ~% respectively in the proportion of total mortality due to different diseases in the year 2016.

The Revenue in terms of value of Pharmaceuticals products at Pharmacy Purchase Price (PPP) at manufacturer’s level was evaluated at USD ~ Billion in 2013. The market grew with a CAGR of ~ in the time period of 2013-2018 and was evaluated at USD ~ Billion in 2018.

Growth in Pharmaceuticals industry declined from ~% in 2014 to ~% in 2015 due to the economic crisis that happened in 2015. However, the economy is still in its recovery stage in Brazil.

How Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Segmented?

By Type of Companies

In Brazil, the Pharmaceuticals market is moderately fragmented with around ~ domestic and ~ international manufacturers. International companies majorly deals in patented drugs and domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers are largely involved in the production of Generic drugs. International companies dominate in terms of revenue from this segment with ~ market share of 2018 largely due to the investment these companies make in R&D.

By Distribution Channel

Retail channel accounted for the highest revenue share of ~% during the year 2018 in terms of revenues largely due to the number of retail outlets present in all the regions including the underserved areas of Brazil.

By Institutional Sales

Sales to Public Institutions accounted for the highest percentage share in terms of revenue due to ease of availability of medications and growing number of hospitals in Brazil. Private and Others accounted for comparatively a lower percentage share in terms of revenue.

By Type of Drugs

Prescription Drugs in Brazil accounted for the highest revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 largely due to the high prices of drugs that are majorly patented drugs and their availability for almost all chronic diseases prevalent in Brazil.

By Region

Southeast Region in Brazil accounted for highest revenue share of ~% in 2018 largely due to the number of hospital and retail pharmacy outlets in that region. In 2018, South region is the second highest region with ~% share in terms of revenue followed by South, Midwest and North.

How Is The Competitive Landscape Of Pharmaceuticals Market In Brazil?

Pharmaceuticals Market in Brazil is moderately fragmented with presence of many international and domestic manufacturers. There are more than ~ international manufacturers and ~ domestic manufacturers in Brazil. The manufacturers in Brazil majorly compete on the basis of Business Model, Operating Business Segments, Major Specialization, Subsidiaries, Number of Therapeutic Areas and major Therapeutic Areas. The major International players that are operating in Brazil are Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi, Bayer and Roche Laboratories and domestic players include EMS Pharma, Hypera Pharma, Europharma and Aché Laboratories.

The companies in Brazil are operating in different business segments with direct and indirect distribution channels and different Point of Sales in almost all the regions of Brazil.

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Brazil Pharmaceuticals Industry

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