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How is Canada Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Positioned?

Canada plastic pipes and the fitting market are at its late growth stage. The plastic pipes and fittings market is highly correlated with the construction and infrastructural investments going on in the country and the level of spending in the mining, agriculture and other sectors. The market size of Canada plastic pipe and fittings market by revenue increased from USD ~ billion in 2012 to USD ~billion in 2017. During this period the market increased at five-year CAGR of ~%. Around ~% of the sales taking place in the country is happening through the mode of distributors and wholesalers, which makes The volatility in plastic resin prices in this period, caused fluctuation in the cost of raw materials of plastic pipes, which resulted in some manufacturers such as ADS to opt for recycled resins in place of virgin resins in their manufacturing process. Manufacturers are specifically designing products engineered to meet or even exceed the demanding standards of the electrical, telecommunications and HVAC industries in Canada. In 2015, the construction industry in Canada witnessed a slow down primarily because of fragile economic conditions, low commodity prices, poor fixed-capital investments and a high rate of unemployment. This had an effect on the demand for plastic pipes in this period.

How PVC, PE, and Other Plastic Pipes Category Has Evolved?

By Product Type

The PVC pipes and fittings market contributed ~% to the overall revenue of plastic pipes and fittings market of Canada. HDPE would constitute more than ~% share in overall PE plastic pipes and fittings market in Canada.

By End User

Water Supply and Sewage is the biggest end-user segment with a share of ~% of the overall plastic pipes and fittings market in Canada. PEX pipes gained traction in the plumbing segment and gave competition to copper pipes. Mining, Chemical, and Oil & Gas applications contributed ~% of plastic pipe and fitting market revenue in Canada in 2017.  Polyethylene pipes gained traction in the mining applications such as Solution Mining, Heap Leaching, Process Water, Process Slurry, Dust Suppression, and Mine Dewatering. Irrigation applications contributed 5% of plastic pipe and fitting market revenue in Canada in 2017. PVC piping systems in these applications have the largest share, owing to low cost in terms of materials and installation.

By Organized and Unorganized Markets

The market of plastic pipes and fittings in Canada is moving towards consolidation with organized players constituting ~% in the overall plastic pipe and fittings market in terms of value as of 2017 and increasing their market penetration with merger and acquisitions. Unorganized players undertake to manufacture of pipes and fittings at a small scale and also import plastic pipes and fittings from US and European countries.

By Geographical Regions

The segment is divided into regions such as Eastern, Western and Atlantic region. The eastern region accounts for the majority of the share because of the increased demand for house dwelling units in the past few years and the presence of various end-user industries. Regions such as Western and Atlantic also gained significant share in the market due to increased construction of demand for housing facilities and had a revenue share of USD ~ as of 2017 in the overall plastic pipes and fittings market in Canada.

Who has dominated the competition?

Canada Plastic Pipes and Fittings market is moving towards consolidation with major players looking to increase their market penetration through strategic partnerships or expansion of production capacity. Companies such as IPEX, ISCO, Uponor Infra, ADS, Aqua Q, Dura-Line have a strong foothold in the market. The vast operations of these manufacturers enable them to fetch bargaining power with the raw material suppliers and hence they are able to bring down the direct cost of manufacturing. Many manufacturers in the market are companies who have downstream integrated operations, which also help them to control the cost of manufacturing for their products and gain a competitive advantage over others. Many pipe manufacturing companies have started manufacturing a number of allied products which help them to provide complete piping solutions to the end users and gain a stronger foothold in the market.

Future Outlook and Projections

The revenue from the plastic pipes and fittings market in Canada is estimated to grow at a CAGR of ~% during 2017- 2022. The revenue of the market is estimated to be at USD ~billions in 2022. The western region and Atlantic region is expected to flourish in the next three years because of the new expected mining projects and infrastructure development in these regions. The main drivers for the market in the long term are considered to be the further adoption of plastic pipes in end-user industries and growth of construction sector in the country.

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