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It is a very famous saying that “Customer is the King”! It is so rightly said, that Customer loyalty is something that no one can buy. It can’t be purchased by marketing campaigns or by ads. One has to earn customer loyalty by rendering the best services or products as much as one can. Every business is directly proportionate to its customers, to grow its brand and make profits the customers who are end-users should be happy.

To keep the Captive customers happy, the “Customer Loyalty” strategy plays a very important role. Customer Loyalty results from ‘brand intentionality’ in terms of great services that the companies provide with the intention behind it. Study on Customer satisfaction and loyalty is always focused on brand rather than the product. When a business takes care of its customer’s needs and provides them friendly services then the brand of that company automatically builds up and comes out to be stronger. One needs to learn that any Brand that offers an integrated experience that will go above and beyond customer expectations resulting in happiness and strong relationships with their respective clients. On the other side, when we identify pain points and take action to achieve customer satisfaction, the Brand starts building automatically. And hence, Businesses need to put effort into identifying the pain points of customers that need to acquire and retain customers. By identifying pain points, one can craft an appropriate value proposition that attracts the customer to resolve their problems.

Here at Ken Research, we are all about Customer Loyalty.  We take our client satisfaction as a personal goal. Here we believe that if our clients enjoy our services, feel that it’s adding good value and leave with positive memories, then they are bound to come back for more services. Ken Research works as a knowledge Authority in the mind of its target audience i.e. large firms with 2,000+ employees and 3,000+ clientele base that sees the problems in a way to develop & monitor the client’s feedback and review their loyalty from time to time.

Sometimes, many businesses make one common mistake; they keep on conducting regular customer satisfaction research programs thinking that there is a direct link between customer satisfaction and revenue. Many also, think that the result of customer satisfaction surveys builds and executes future customer satisfaction plans. This in return results in a very costly affair resulting in an error. We can only predict future behavior on the basis of these surveys. Just if customers say they are satisfied it’s not necessary that they will come back to use services again. Counting Customer experience is much more effective in predicting the future for customer loyalty.

Our business tries to discover exactly what our clients want. For instance, conducting a qualitative market study is important in including & mapping the client’s journey and evaluating data regarding customer pain points. As we say that Client Satisfaction Survey is the foundation for any organization to achieve its goal or organizational objective. One of the easiest methods to find client/customer loyalty is to carry out an effective Survey which can be online or offline and get the primary data in place for further study & process. A customer loyalty survey usually contains questions like feedback, brand satisfaction, reliability and suggestions. We don’t forget to include a customer complaint form template; this template allows the companies to solve customer complaints in real-time. It helps customers to feel that their voice is heard.

It’s a natural human tendency that they react to negative experiences rather than positive ones, which is why it is important to keep customers happy to build the brand of any company. Remember, that if customers have a negative experience they will be more likely to give feedback to take action and tell about their experiences which eventually turn out to be productive for the firm, than the ones who are being positive with no feedback. If our client is pleased with our services/ product received, then they will definitely stay with us for a long time and help us to grow the business. This will not only bring success but also promote our brand to the next level. We can also use positive feedbacks as testimonials on our website but at the same time address the negative ones for development positively.

Moving further; we know that the main objective of every business is to build product or services to resolve customer problems. It starts with having an in-depth analysis of the problem (pain point area) that is been faced by our customers and by giving them proper customer support for that issue; we provide them a productive output. When a customer expects smooth operations of its business and add experience to its customers; their main objective is to avoid any inconvenience that prevails and there comes in the role for Ken Research team, we provide that extra streamlining solution to our client and make sure everything is seamlessly functioning. On the other instance, if there is a financial pain point, which means spending an excessive amount on a business and on the contrary, if that ends up with the financial strain/loss. Then for such a problem/pain point, there is also a particular process with us that gives our customer the privilege to choose kind of a methodology and get it rectified. All in all, for any business discovering customers pain points, impact positively in verticals, Sales as well as marketing. To conclude this, when a company communicates in line with its customers, that creates an emotional connection between them and they feel that you actually care about what they think and in return they will always stay with you & your brand resulting in a Sustainable Business.

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