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The increasing requirement of convenient packaging in North American industries such as foods, beverages, toiletries and other products has encouraged the growth in advanced packaging industry. Advanced packaging help the consumers to use the product quickly and conveniently without harming the quality of the product. Various advanced packaging products such as microwavable products, zippered pouches, modified atmosphere packaging, and salad kits maintain the freshness of the food products and increase the product’s shelf life. North American consumers demand for prominent packaging designs that provide product specifications, convenience and portability. Hospitality sectors such as airlines, restaurants, and hospitals benefit with the advanced packaging designs which also maintain food quality and safety. The report titled “North America Advanced Packaging Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report” provides a comprehensive analysis advanced packaging industry in North America, segmentation, types, leading players, major use of advanced packaging, trends and future of advanced packaging industry in North America.

Food and beverages industry demands for advanced packaging due to the technological advances in packaging techniques which improve features such as product quality information and traceability. Advanced packaging is also used across end-use applications in various sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, logistics and supply chain, and personal care which exhibit the products attractively. The advanced packaging industry is segmented based on active technology, intelligent technology, and modified atmosphere. Various advanced packaging are board packaging, rigid plastic packaging, metal packaging, flexible packaging, and glass packaging. Various board packaging such as corrugated and paperboard packaging are utilized by various end-user such as in luxury goods, wine and spirits, and health and personal care products. They demand for premium folding cartons, subsequently contributing to the growth of the advanced packaging market.

Leading Players in North America Advanced Packaging Industry: It was observed that there are multiple vendors in the advanced packaging industry in North America. Almost all the manufactures compete with their product cost, strength and market distribution. Vendors are developing innovative and high-quality products that are cost effective. They develop innovative advanced packaging with updated modern technologies to provide advanced products to the customers. The leading vendors in North America advanced packaging industry are American Packaging, Amcor, Bemis, International Paper, Mondi, Sonoco, Montebello Packaging, CTL Packaging, International Plastics, VisiPak, Alltub, Carolina Retail Packaging, Neopac, Protective Packaging Corp., Accredo Packaging, Container & Packaging Supply, and Transcendia.

Future of North America Advanced Packaging Industry: Consumers’ awareness in the requirement of nutrition facts label on the package has encouraged the advanced packaging industry to flourish in North America. The advanced packaging industry has witnessed introduction of new foods and beverage packaging materials with improved properties such as mechanical, barrier, and antimicrobial properties. Growing urbanization, increase in small households and high levels of disposable income has increased the consumption of food and dairy beverages. This trend will drive the advanced packaging market in North America over the next few years.

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North American Advanced Packaging Industry Market

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Market Analysis

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Forecast

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Opportunities

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Classification

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Applications

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Supply and Consumption Analysis

North American Advanced Packaging Industry Leading Players

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