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OVERVIEW: Denmark is among the richest and most developed countries in the world. It enjoys a very high standard of livingand provides majority of educational services at negligible prices which are counted among the best in the world. Almost all students participate in educational services starting from a young age.In Denmark 10 years of education is compulsory irrespective of the means used(attending school is not compulsory).Conducted on a global education market research reports reveal that the expected period forwhich children get educated, starting from 7 years of age, averages around 17 years.

EVOLUTION: Denmark is one of the leading technical giants in the world and has augmented the use of technology in education thereby upgrading the education system for instance, in the municipality of Odder; tablets are used by students, teachers and principals alike. This municipality has moved away from the basic infrastructure and is undergoing several other upgradations as well which include i-pads, wireless broadband networks in classrooms along with interactive whiteboards the latter of which can be touchscreen or connected to other devices.Further developments are taking place in Skorping School which has been supplied by specially modified keyboards with higher durability from Lenovo. The school has also invested in the use of chromebooks which are better than traditional laptops in terms of operating system and being lighter in weight. These chromebooks even automatically update themselves. Cloud computing and Google Classroom is also extensively used for teaching students. Danish companies are also innovating-

  • EasyCorrect will soon launch Education Word to ease the assignment activities for both students and teachers.
  • WriteReader helps its users to become content creators by promoting scientific research.
  • Lix Technologies offers e-Textbooks and notes for higher education.
  • Labster is bringing science to life and is used by science students for their experiments by introducing the concept of laboratory simulation and eliminating the need to purchase expensive lab equipments.

MARKET SHARE: Danish education industry analysis reveals that major investments are being made in technology oriented education. In 2018, The Danish Growth Fund invested a record breaking USD 30 million in the Danish technology and learning company Area9 Lyceum..Labster is highly renowned for its virtual lab simulations which are used by 150 higher education institutions globally.

COMPETITION:Number of Danish companies are investing in technology which has led to major developments. In 2014, the American company McGraw Hill Education acquired majority stake in Area9 Lyceum and minority stake in Area9 Learning Denmark ranks 12th on global competitiveness index. This can be backed by considering a few of the reputed Danish educational technology startups. EasyCorrect created a plugin for MS Word and Google Docs which is being used by2500 teachers in Denmark and Norway. WriteReader is used in more than 50% schools in Denmark and also has 100,000 users in the U.S.

CONCLUSION:The educational technology industry is rapidly developing both in terms of customer reach and tools developed. Danish educational technology companies and startups aim to change the future of schools, organizations and society through improved and enhanced learning experiences and services.

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