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China’s Dairy and Soy market is the third largest globally. Dairy and soy food become a key opportunity for dairy manufacturers and marketers due to low number of per capital consumption. Country’s burgeoning middle class is major factor contributing this substantive growth. For many Chinese consumers dairy products, especially milk, are seen as healthy potential sources of nutrients.

Country’s market includes drinking milk, yogurt, ice cream, baby milk formula, coffee whitener, cheese & butter and condensed milk. Milk and yoghurt are perceived by consumer to be healthier and more nutritious 51% and 48% respectively.

According to study, “Country Profile: Dairy & Soy Food in China” some of the major companies that are working in the dairy & soy food in China are Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Industry Co., Ltd., YiliGroup, Bright Food Co. Ltd., Want Want China Holdings Ltd., Vitasoy International Holding, Heilongjiang Wondersun Healthy Food Co. Ltd., Nestle, Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd., Grouped none S.A., Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.,Arla foods, Fonterra cooperative group, Ornua Co-operative Limited,GroupeLactalis,  Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., Shanghai GaofuLongghui Foods Co. Ltd., Savencia SA, Westland Co-Operative Diary Co., AmbrosoliS.p.A, Richardson International, Savencia SA.

China’s soy food market includes meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, grains, snacks, cereals, meal replacements, protein powders and formulas. Soy’s meat alternatives include tofu, tempeh, vegetarian burgers & frankfurters, meatless luncheon slices, canned meat analogs, ground soy burger, and soy bacon. Soy’s dairy alternatives include soy milk, soy creamers, soy yogurts, tofu-based butter alternatives, soy whipped toppings, soy cheese, and non­-dairy desserts.

There are many distribution channels for dairy & soy food market, which are; on-trade, cash & carries, warehouse clubs, food & drink specialists, e-retailors, convenience stores and hypermarkets & supermarkets. Hypermarkets & Supermarkets is the leading channel for the distribution of dairy and soy food products in the country.

The packaging materialsfor dairy & food products include glass, paper & board, flexible packaging and rigid plastics. Paper & Board is the most commonly used packaging material in the Chinese dairy &soy food sector. Additionally, for these products, container data are carton, bag/sachet, film, wrapper, tub, bottle and tube. In China, some brands for dairy & soy food products are Yili, Bright, Nestle, Jule, Mengniu, Vitasoy, Kraft, Sanlu, Huishan, Fengxing, New hope, Yashili, Wondersun and Sanyuan.

Dairy & soy food market are many success factors include developing demand, distribution network, coordination, supply chain, just-in-time, small group activities and kiosks etc. Growth factors are driven by increased consumption, value increase due to the rising price of milk, resulting from the expansion of consumption occasion and consumers trading up to more premium options.

The Dairy & Soy Food sector in China is forecast to grow at 9% CAGR in value terms during 2016-2021. It is estimated that it will be the second largest market by 2021. The dairy production capacity is likely to expand further on account of rising demand for dairy products in China. The per capita consumption in the milk market is noticeably higher compared to other markets. The European Union (EU) is the largest dairy exporter to China. The Euro-yuan exchange rates has made EU dairy relatively less expensive. EU exports of milk, cheese, powered milk and butter. In upcoming years, it is estimated that the Chinese dairy & soy food market will be increase instantly.

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