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As deaths owing to drug overdose have been growing, a number of regions are introducing severe laws with respect to drug ingestion; this has provided a push to the market of drug manipulation testing devices. Originally, traditional samples such as urine and oral fluid were utilized the most, however, with duration there has been a movement towards easiest samples such as hair and fingerprint devices which utilize the sweat as its sample to perceive the drugs that an individual has disbursed.  As more offices and schools are establishing random drug testing practices, the requirement for drug abuse testing devices has been continuously increasing.

On the basis of medical devices market research report, the consumables involve all the products such as cotton, syringes, reagents and several others which are a portion of drug abuse testing. This product sector control the greatest share in the entire drug abuse testing market during 2019 as most of them have an enormously short shelf life and cannot be utilized more than once. The analyzers involve breath analyzers, chromatography analyzers and immunoassays. Such devices deliver the extremely accurate results and underwrites second greatest segment. The speedy testing devices which involve the urine testing devices and oral fluid testing have the lowest share towards the entire drug abuse testing devices market, as with duration, there has been a gradual movement towards fresh technologies which utilize the dissimilar samples.

Nonetheless, Medical Devices Market Growth Analysis states that the North American region underwritten the maximum revenue percentage share in the worldwide market as the USA is a important exporter of such products to rest of the world. Marijuana is the most frequently utilized drug in this region. The mean average death owing to drugs across Europe was premeditated to 39 years during 2018. The usage of opioid in treating moderate to unadorned pain is one of the developing concerns across Asia Pacific. It has lead to extreme and illegal usage of the drug. The MEA region has the bottom most involvement in the market as the laws present in this region are tremendously strict and drug possession or consumption can lead to severe punishment and punishments.

Additionally, the worldwide Medical Devices market has a number of players as the devices have a number of substitutes which are introduced by a number of corporates. However, the market share is registered by a few players which involve Abbott Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, Quest Diagnostics and Siemens Healthineers. Other corporates in this field involve Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dragerwerk AG, Bio-Rad Laboratories, OraSure Technologies Inc, Hoffmann-La-Roche AG and several others.

It has been predicted that the market will be propelled by innovative technologies with core aim on growing test accuracy, finding fresh samples and decreasing the result turnaround time. Mergers and acquisitions would support large corporates to enlarge into new market sectors and industry would witness further consolidation during future. Along with this, the increasing awareness among customers and initiatives taken by the governments of several regions to curb drug consumption is projected to underwrite to further growth in the industry.

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