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UAE Diabetes Care Services Market Ecosystem

UAE Diabetes Care Services Market is Highly Fragmented with three major players acquiring more than half of the total market share as there are only a few specialized diabetes clinics or hospitals in the country. UAE Diabetes Care Services Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% by FY’27F owing to increasing diabetes cases and Government initiatives to improve the economy. The major players in the UAE Diabetes Care Services market are Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Glucare Health, Mediclinic Middle East, etc.

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  • UAE Diabetes Clinics Market is anticipated to witness significant growth due to the improvements in existing services along with introduction of new improved technologies and increased privatization of health care sector.
  • Rising health consciousness among the population, along with increased spending on health, is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period.
  • Major services provided by UAE Diabetes Health Care players are Endocrinology, antenatal/gestational and juvenile diabetes care, nutritional advice, and radiology.

Favourable Government Initiatives: The UAE’s Vision 2030 strategy aims to reduce the prevalence of life style diseases such as obesity and diabetes among the population and to invest in world class health infrastructure facilities in UAE, for instance UAE government has allocated AED ~5 Bn to healthcare and community protection in the federal budget for 2022-2026 which will help in developing a tech-enabled healthcare ecosystem for diabetes care. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai are among the most affluent regions in terms of infrastructure and spending capacity. Therefore, they are the major hub of private hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, many government healthcare policies like Dubai Medical Insurance Law, which is mandated by DHA, provides a coverage of AED ~ per person per annum which results more frequently visits to diabetes clinic than those in other regions. Other policies like the ‘Thiqa’ programme, in which the Abu Dhabi Government provides full medical coverage, the “Saada” is a health insurance programme for the citizens in the emirate of Dubai. It provides insurance coverage to citizens who do not currently benefit from any government health programme in the emirate of Dubai etc is likely to fuel the growth in the diabetes care services market in UAE.

Increase in Diabetes patients: With the growing unhealthy lifestyle patterns of the people, the number of diabetes patients is increasing in the UAE, thus increasing the demand for specialized tertiary care services in UAE. Furthermore, many government initiatives like Diabetes Screening Initiative launched in 2021 has addressed the critical areas of diabetes management and has also led to an influx of many patients in the hospitals for health care services.

Rising Technological Advancement: Technological Advancement like Emergence of digital therapeutics by UAE diabetes clinics such as Glucare helps in constant monitoring of patient symptoms and lifestyle. Telemedicine facilities which are provided by Sheba clinic, Glucare, Northwest clinic, etc are also more efficient and also reduces the cost. Furthermore, New insulin pumps, infusion devices, continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and smartphone apps are also expected to contribute in the growth of Diabetes care services market in UAE.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication UAE Diabetes Care Service Market Outlook to 2027F – Driven by Rising Diabetes Cases and Increasing Privatization in the Healthcare sector” by Ken Research observed that UAE Diabetes Care Services market is in the growing phase, growing at CAGR of 5.9% between FY’17-FY’22P owning to the favorable government Initiatives, increase in diabetes patient and rising technological advancement. It is expected that UAE Diabetes Care Services market will continue to grow, at a CAGR of 6.1% for the FY’22P- FY’27F forecasted period.

Key Segments Covered

UAE Diabetes Care Services Market:

  • By Types of Services, FY’2022P & FY’2027F:
  • Injectables
  • Oral Drugs
  • Combination
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • By Type of Requirement, FY’2022P & FY’2027F:
  • Tertiary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Primary Care
  • By Revenue Division, FY’2022P & FY’2027F:
  • Domestic
  • International
  • By End-User, FY’2022p & FY’2027F:
  • Diabetes Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • By Diabetes Clinics, FY’2022P & FY’2027F:
  • Organized
  • Unorganized

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Key Target Audience

  • Hospitals
  • Diabetic Care Service Provider
  • Diabetic Care Equipment Distributer
  • Diabetic Care Equipment Manufacturer
  • Clinics
  • Market Research and Consulting Firms
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Tourism Agencies
  • Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities
  • New Entrants

Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: FY’17- FY’22P
  • Base Year: FY’22P
  • Forecast Period: FY’22P – FY’27F

Companies Covered:

  • Imperial College London Diabetes Centre
  • Glucare Health
  • Mediclinic Middle East
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • NMC Healthcare

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Executive Summary of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Market Size of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Market Segmentation of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • SWOT Analysis of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Trends and Developments in UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Factors considered by Hospitals and clinics for Treatment
  • Regulatory Bodies of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Overview of Emirates Diabetes Endocrine Society
  • Challenges and restrains in UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • End User Analysis of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Competitive Analysis of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market (Inception, USP, Insurance Partner, No of Clinics, Clinics by region, est. revenue, no of doctors, no of employees, no of walk-in per day per clinic, major treatment offered)
  • Future Outlook of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Covid Analysis of UAE Diabetes Care Services Market
  • Analyst Recommendations

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