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The financial brokerage market was significantly witnessed in an increasing phase where in the market observed slow growth in the Indonesia throughout the forecast duration. Throughout the review duration, a decline in the growth rate was witnessed in the Indonesia Financial Brokerage market owing to the external aspects of the slowdown across the Chinese region, placing of the restrictions on the funds borrowing by the Federal Reserve and capital flight from the Indonesia’s region which led to augmenting the interest rates by the Bank of Indonesia.

However, the financial market across the Philippines is recently one of the most promising financial market across the South-Asia region with the very little financial products assisted for the trading during the recent duration but will increase in a few years. In addition, the trading happenings in the Philippines economy is extraordinarily regulated due to very low trading measurements and reasonably fewer trading accounts, most of the brokerage firms provide the brokerage services at the lowest cost prearranged by the SEC. At the moment, the players charge brokerage fees for equity trading and program to enlarge the financial services towards the asset management, mutual funds, algorithmic trading, wealth management, top picks and several other services that can enticement the consumers.

Based on the type of trading activity, in the Market of Financial Brokerage, the sector of equity has accounted the entire market in the terms of transaction capacity throughout the review duration which was supplemented by the superior liquidity in the equity, issuance of the bonus shares in few instances there by explanatory the extensive share of equity financial brokerage market in the entire market. Not only has this, the commodities’ trading was postponed by the SEC back in the 1990s and has not been commenced yet. PSE is in the preliminary phase to pick up the Commodities and Derivatives Exchange and is anticipated to begin the segment very soon. Owing to the non-attendance of the Commodities and Future exchange, trading in the numerous other instruments have not been permeating yet. Inauguration of the trading in this segment will exposed an added revenue stream for the brokerage corporates.

Although, in Indonesia, throughout the year 2018, the industry revenue was registered by the local brokerage firms due to the conventional branch network, company’s reputation amongst domestic investors, competitive pricing for the online trading and superiority of the services suggested by the firms. However, the entry of worldwide brokerage firms and the augmenting the level of foreign portfolio investment have been posturing a challenge to the governance of local brokerage firms. In addition, the competitive scenario of the industry is pigeonholed by exceedingly fragmented market structure with 104 brokerage firms challenging majorly in Indonesia on the basis of transaction responsibilities, service portfolio, superiority of services, firm’s reputation and online trading conveniences for retail clients. Amongst the local brokerage firms, the leading player in the market is MandiriSekurit as in terms of revenue involvement to the industry whereas the CGS-CIMB has the maximum revenue market share amongst the worldwide firms.

The Online financial brokerage market major players is predicted to augment in the terms of revenue owing to the sturdy positive economic outlook, develop in country’s rating, estimated growth in the foreign portfolio investments, supplementing the penetration rate amongst the domestic investors, accumulative the number of IPOs, capital requirements of the government for infrastructure building and the boom up in the mutual fund’s sector of the capital market. Therefore, in the near years, it is estimated that the worldwide market of Full-Service financial brokerage will proliferation around the globe more expressively over the coming years.

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