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E-learning is an electronic learning system used to advancement traditional classroom learning. E-learning systems enable the interaction through virtual classrooms and relaxed communication with the professors, trainers, and students. Schools utilizing the E-learning technologies are manner ahead of those which still have the traditional learning method. Training programs showed primarily for professionals around the globe by multinational companies (MNCs) are sanctioned with E-learning. E-learning has evidenced to be the best means to render knowledge in the corporate world. The E-learning enables employees to acquire important skills with the advantage of retrieving online content at their chosen time and location.

In addition, online learning platforms or e-learning platforms are online resource learning or training activities. E-learning is reliant on official schooling but is delivered by a computer, mobile, and other portable devices.  E-learning is a portion of an emerging education system, but the borders amongst the two systems are fluctuating and address the requires of the two systems. In terms of education, there are two arrangements of formal and informal e-learning.

Market Highlights

Due to the augmented implementation of technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, amongst others, to render teaching and learning experience more industrious and personalized. During the next ten years, the market will further encourage the advantages of online learning podiums, such as adaptability, accessibility at all times and anywhere, and at a decreased price. In addition, technological improvements, the growing utilization of smartphones, new product launches, and augmented costs by major players are projected to boost market growth by 2030.

In addition, the growth of Corporate E-Learning Market is projected to be propelled primarily by augmented internet utilization worldwide, decreased network costs and increasing scalability through online learning, and augmented requirement for micro learning. Technical improvements such as virtual schools reflect notable opportunities during the near future for the businesses that already deliver the online learning programs.

Furthermore, the E-learning market around the globe is transforming speedily with emerging trends such as social learning, personalized learning, mobile learning, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s). Modified learning is one of the most propelling trends as it is away from one-size-fits-all, it has an adaptive model, and students are presented with the learning activities based on what they know. Further, game based learning has also obtained significance as students enjoy fun based learning.

Market Segmentation

Global E-learning platforms market is sectored by Type into academic, corporate, and government. It is projected that corporate as a service segment will account for the greatest part of the entire E-learning platforms market throughout the predicted timeline. During 2020 the corporate category took the highest market share. Owing to its frequent requirement for training and industry-relevant training for employees, companies are projected to remain dominant in the market over this reviewed period, leading to the option of dissimilar E-learning platforms.

Covid-19 Impact on E-Learning Market

The K12 E-Learning market is as its growth stage across India. The industry revenue is growing with a double digit CAGR owing to Covid 19 Impact On E-Learning Market and the industry observed drastic augment in the revenue and number of paid users throughout the lockdown during 2020 and. Augmenting the internet penetration and modification in predilection from rote learning to pragmatic learning has been boosting the growth in the industry. Throughout 2020, the live classes and new-age skill expansion courses such as coding, web development, and numerous others has gained traction. Fresh business models such as revenue sharing and commission model has also appeared presently.

Market Dynamics

Education is seen in the mainstream of countries not only as a human right but also as the accountability to guarantee admittance to basic training for residents and governments. The national governments also announce an immediate augment in investment in education to assistance the crisis in global education.

In addition, the simple access to information, convergence with the virtual reality, a robust approach, and the integration of latest technology are foremost drivers of the size of the online market for language learning. In addition, augmented education, growing internet, and mobile users, and multi-lingual choice by multinational companies give individuals working on the entire Online learning platforms market massive growth opportunities.


Several Enterprises are there which are not aware of the basics of the E-learning platforms which is projected to limit the growth of the Online learning platforms market. In addition, admission to the internet has not penetrated all portions of the world thus limiting Online Learning Market Growth.

Global E-Learning Platform Market: Region

Global E-learning platforms is sectored based on regional analysis into five foremost regions. These comprise North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.

Global E-learning platform market in Asia Pacific controlled the largest market share during the year 2020. The Area of Asia Pacific, followed by Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America is projected to have the greatest portion of the overall E-learning platforms industry by 2030. Asia-Pacific is also the fastest-growing area owing to factors such as augmented enrolment in online high schools, the proliferation of multinationals, greatly young individuals searching for better jobs, increased mobile penetration, augmented content digitization, government interventions in national online education networks, and a shortage of teachers.

Competitive Landscape

In January 2017, Udacity Inc. obtained CloudLabs for advancement of the collaborative coding environment. The E-learning industry is seeing a large number of partnerships and tie-ups for software application development. Foremost players in the E-Learning market are Coursera Inc., edX Inc., BizLibrary, Udemy, Inc. and Khan Academy.

In addition, the E-Learning Market Major Players are effectively implementing the policies of enlargement such as partnership, new product development, amalgamation, joint venture, merger and acquisition, collaboration and numerous others for engendering the high percentage of revenue, governing around the globe and obtaining the competitive edge.

Therefore, during the near years, it is prophesied that the market of E-learning will increase around the globe more successfully over the near future.

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