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With increase in digital literacy and availability of cheap mobile devices and laptops, which can support internet, the number of people accessing internet has increased exponentially. This growth can be seen not only in urban areas but in rural areas of also. Moreover, this trend can be seen throughout the world, including Chile.

Free wifi in public places and easy and affordable internet is fuelling the number of internet users in Chile. This increase in number of internet users is boosting the growth of eRetailing in Chile, especially amongst the young Chile consumers. Chile has one of the highest internet penetrations in Latin America and this is one of the main reasons why internet retailing is so popular in Chile. Moreover, Transbank, one of the leading card transactions processor in Chile, has put in ample efforts and systems to make online transactions safe and reliable. As per a report of World Bank, Chile is one of the most prosperous nations in South America. It also has one of the highest income levels and one of the most competitive nations in Latin American nations. With short and reliable delivery of products combined with easy access and safe online transactions, Chile has become one of the leading markets for internet retailing.

According to the market research report “Internet Retailing in Chile“, the eRetailing market in Chile can be segmented into various difference categories. Apparel and footwear, beauty and personal care, consumer electronics, food and drinks, home care products, home furnishing, media products, personal accessories, pet care, toys and video games are few of the many categories of products, which are available on the online stores. For the leading players in this market, Falabella, Lan.com and Mercado Libre are leading the online retailing in Chile. Most of these companies have developed mobile apps for mCommerce as number of mobile devices is growing significantly in the market and more and more consumers are moving from traditional laptops to mobile devices for buying products from internet.

Chile has huge potential when it comes to online retailing. China may be leading when it comes to absolute number of consumers in the market, but online shopping is a lot more prevalent in Chile. Some surveys even claim that out of 10 people in Chile, 7 will buy something using online stores. Even the government of Chile is taking several measures to improve the infrastructure to promote internet-retailing market in Chile by offering free wifi at public places and making internet more affordable. The penetration of internet therefore will have huge impact on eRetailing in Chile and this market is expected to grow significantly in near future.

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