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The wave and tidal energy collecting has been across for a few eras. But it has only been in current years that is has started to become more realistic owing to technology and research. Whereas, the wave energy can be demarcated as the gravitational attraction of the sun and the moon, which are mainly responsible for the waves. Wave energy gathers the movement of the ocean and converts this into usable electricity. In addition, the tides are well-defined as the upsurge and fall of sea level initiated by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the earth. They are not only restricted to the oceans, but can also occur in other systems whenever a gravitational field occurs. Despite both wave and tidal energy begin from the ocean; there is still a big dissimilarity between them. The generators and key companies of both the energy are doing effective working for dominating the huge market share which further led the market growth more significantly in the near future. For instance, Point Absorber Buoys are the most common generators of the wave power.

There are various other methods recently being experimented with, involving oscillating water columns and overtopping devices. According to the report analysis, ‘Global Wave & Tidal Energy Market Research Report – Forecast till 2023’ states that some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this market more significantly for dominating the growing demand of buyers and acquiring the huge market share across the globe includes Atlantis Resources Ltd (UK), Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (Australia), Ocean Power Technologies Inc (US), IHI Corporation (Japan), Aquamarine Power Ltd (UK), Pelamis Wave Power (Scotland), Ocean Renewable Power CO Llc (Australia), Yam Pro Energy (Israel), Tenax Energy (Australia), AW-Energy Oy (Finland) and several others. Moreover, Shrinking Conventional Power Resources, Favourable Government Initiatives and Long life are the key major drivers of the wave and tidal energy market around the globe which drives the market more significantly in the near future. With the existence of key drivers the market of this is having some restraints which include high cost of construction and lack of ideal locations.

Basis of the geographic front, the market of this is spread around the globe more significantly which majorly include North America, Europe and Asia Pacific region. Whereas, the global wave and tidal energy market is anticipated to observe a CAGR of 17.8% over the near future. Some of the projecting drivers of the wave and tidal energy across the globe are exhausting conventional power resources and favourable government ingenuities. Moreover, on-going development of wave and tidal energy is only opportunity for the key players to dominate the huge market share across the globe.

Moreover, the key players are significantly and actively performing many research and development programs for eliminating the threats of new entrants which are investing more enormously in the market. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the market of wave and tidal energy will grow more efficiently around the globe over the decades.

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