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Modern research has paved the way for developments that are incredibly automated. The result of such automation is increased efficiency with minimum human intervention. Artificial intelligence is a constantly innovating sector which has transformed the way we think and has expanded the scope of imagination. Many major companies are using AI to stimulate their research and development projects. As AI has the capability to operate is constrained environments and places where human intervention is not possible.

The research and developments in the past few years has led to significant discoveries that have furthered man’s ability. It is possible now to analyze much greater volumes of inputs and produce reliable results faster. From the health care sector to telecommunication all fields are trying to augment AI into their operations to increase productivity. Despite the extensive efforts AI has remained primitive with some developments in logistics and medicine.

  • Google has recently hinted at establishing a widespread network for AI development as indicated by its 2018 plan to open an AI research centre in Accra, Ghana. This is just the first of a couple of tech investments the company plans to make in Africa. The research center will focus on AI development in fields of health care, agriculture and education.
  • British and Brazilian scientists are using AI to predict which embryos will result in IVF success. In a new study AI was found to be more accurate than embryologists at pinpointing which embryos had the potential to result in the birth of a healthy baby.
  • IBM has taken AI based technology solutions for the fashion industry developed at the Indian research labs to its global markets in US, UK and Australia.

The “Artificial Intelligence Thematic Research” is already driving the global technical world to invest immensely in it. The investments are vigorous by some countries and modest by others. China is investing rampantly in AI followed by the US. Monetary investments are not the only form in which countries seeks to develop their foothold in AI. Established educational institutions in countries like US, China and UK have begun incorporating increasing levels of technical learning in their curriculum to further AI development.

Lots of developments are taking place that have led to mutual benefits. Certain partnerships have even come as a surprise for instance Google’s investments in Africa. This comes as a result of their estimation that in the next few decades or so Africa will become a huge investment opportunity. Even Facebook has opened a technology hub in Lagos. According to recent reports, Russia is eyeing investments in East Africa and the Chinese have spent billions on infrastructure and other projects there.AI has also led to partnerships between medical experts.

All these developments have paved the way for more innovations which will soon be a part of everyday life for all. China emerges as the largest investor in AI as hinted by the numerous projects it is taking up.AI research is also promoting a more liberal learning environment where students are taught to think out of the box and creativity is highly encouraged.

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