How the gap in India Career Skilling Market creates an opportunity for private companies/ ed-tech to thrive in India?: Ken Research


In India, the need for career skilling platforms among graduates and working professionals has been steadily increasing over time. The need for career upgrading platforms to make these graduates in India was underlined by the lack of comprehensive courses and career counseling at the college level, as well as disappointments from employers on the attitude, skill, and knowledge misalignment among recruited entry-level graduates. Here is an insight into how the demand and supply gap creates an opportunity for ed-tech companies to build a successful business model in the country.

1. Present Day Pain Points of College Grads, Higher Education Colleges and Employers…

1.1 highlight the need for Career Skilling programs among the large & young talent pool.

2. Additionally, there is a Void in ‘employers-only training mode’ to meet Young Professional’s Learning Need

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3. Skill Needs are also evolving among sectors along with training spend

4. Government is trying to Bridge the Professional Skill Gap but needs private companies/ ed-tech support

5. The demand and Supply Gap in the career skilling market presents an opportunity for an Ed-tech Platform to build a scalable business model in India

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India Career Skilling Market

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