Indian Crypto Exchange Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of around 30% by 2027- What will lead to India’s crypto growth? Ken Research


Average Transaction Value for Cryptocurrency Investments per Month in India is about 9000 INR. Total addressable market (TAM), is estimated based on yearly salary of those trading/investing in cryptocurrencies which is considered to be > 5,00,000 INR. Bitcoin and Ethereum dominated the Indian crypto exchange market in 2021.

1. Surge in Crypto Investments, Non-Fungible Tokens to gain traction going forward and entry of International Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India indicates towards the potential of Market.

The market potential for cryptocurrency exchanges is huge in India, with WazirX clocking close to $43 Billion in trading volume during the year 2021. A report by Bloomberg has also stated that crypto investments in India increased from around $923 Million in April, 2020 to nearly $6.5 Billion in May, 2021.

Other Challenges in Indian Crypto Exchange Market

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space is expected to gain more traction going forward, with artists potentially being able to get about 100% of the revenue through cryptocurrency transactions. Unlike other platforms like YouTube where a big chunk of the revenue accrued against an artist gets retained by the platform itself. This reflects the market Potential of Crypto Exchange in India.

Binance’s acqusition of WazirX has also laid a pathway for international cryptocurrency exchanges to explore an entry into India, in the form of either a merger/acquisition. KuCoin is one of the exchanges which has started laying out a team for India operations. Exchanges such as Singapore-based Coinstore and the US-headquartered exchange Crosstower have already set up local units for India operations.

2. Centralized Crypto Exchanges provide higher liquidity which leads to much better speed of trading along with user-friendly and transparent interface for transactions.

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  • A centralized exchange (CEX) is a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies online. CEXs are the dominant way of trading cryptocurrencies as of now.
  • As part of trading/investing through a CEX, fiat currency transactions are usually allowed. Market makers and takers both are a part of the platform, and provide liquidity.
  • CEXs act as a middle-man/third party that helps to conduct the transaction. These CEXs provide a robust security mechanism through Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML)
  • Private keys of user wallets, associated with user credentials in the crypto exchange application, are stored in the internal systems of the CEX.

3. Around 70% of the overall Indian crypto investors are aged between 20-40 years; attributed to tech savvy generation who is keen on crypto investment.

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Indians who are most likely interested in trading and cryptocurrency market are aged between 20-40 years accounting for highest market share of about 70% in 2021.

With an easy access to internet, this tech savvy generation has started to take initiatives to have a strong understanding of cryptocurrency market and its benefits.

Overall Growth in women participation was observed through increase in signups by 1000% on the cryptocurrency exchange platforms in 2021. While Bitcoin is a huge favorite among women, Shiba Inu was the most traded crypto among men on WazirX in 2021.