Ergonomic Products in India


Ergonomics is a simple science that can be smartly used in the office to create a snug fit between, work and the worker.

It is the Study and integration of human well being principles into system design, and has become an integral part of the creation of modern workspace.

How does it affect you?

The costs of dealing with unhappy, uncomfortable employees begins to be outweighed with the benefits of making the change of better quality work, lower absenteeism, consistently meeting deadlines and fewer errors. Hence Ergonomics!

Un-ergonomic workstations, bad postural habits, no stretching exercises while at work and above all ‘ignorance’ on why all of this is important, causes ‘Back Pain in the Office’ to be on the rise.

Modern day work culture has become mainly desk bound. Whether it’s completing pending work on the computer, attending board meetings, presentations or traveling for work – Sitting all the time is inevitable. It’s almost like a physical pre-requisite to most jobs these days. This ‘Passive’ style of working leaves most vulnerable and many affected.

Ignorance may not always be bliss and this is especially true with ‘Ergonomics in the workplace’. A wrongly configured workstation can leave you with wrist, shoulders, neck or back pain; not to mention struggling to think or work up the motivation to do anything at all.

With our experience with dealing with corporate and patients with pain, we have come to a conclusion that, the cause of onset of pain in majority of cases has been postural and work environment related. So with this prevention program we aim to identify the individual and work related risk factors and thus educate the masses regarding the same. Back Rx Spine Care self empowers you to eradicate the pain from its root cause itself.

Work today involves a lot of travelling through all means of transport. Its often the travel that affects us than the work involved that indirectly affects our general health and functional well being thus affecting our day to day activities. Back Rx spine care prevention program helps you sail smoothly along these rough tides.


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