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According to the study “Asia Aluminum Fluoride Salts Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, aluminium is a lightweight metal is one of the most versatile materials for industrial use. Aluminium is ductility, strong, reflective, corrosion resistant, electrical conductivity, non-toxic, non-combustible and recyclable. The rise in consumption of aluminium and advantages of using aluminium in construction, transportation, electrical, packaging, consumer goods and machinery is driving the aluminium fluoride market in Asia.

Aluminium fluoride is denoted with the symbol AlF3 and it is an inorganic compound used in the production of aluminium. It is a colourless solid which is prepared synthetically; however, it also exists in nature as minerals such as rosenbergite and oskarssonite. Aluminium fluoride is manufactured by treating alumina with hydrogen fluoride gas at a specific temperature of 700 °C. It is also manufactured by thermal decomposition of ammonium hexafluoroaluminate. At laboratory scale, aluminium fluoride is prepared by treating aluminium hydroxide with hydrogen fluoride or aluminium metal with hydrogen fluoride. Aluminium fluoride has low melting point and evaporate readily as it is highly toxic

Asia’s aluminium fluoride salts market is categorized into wet aluminium fluoride salt, dry aluminium fluoride salt and anhydrous aluminium fluoride salt. Aluminium Fluoride Salts are used in various industries such as aluminium industry and ceramic industry. The leading players in Asia aluminium fluoride salts market are Fluorsid, Rusal, Rio Tinto Alcan, Mexichem Fluor, Boliden, Alufluor, Ddf, Lifosa, Jiaozuo Do-fluoride, Baiyin Zhongtian, Hunan Hongyuan, Bofeng Lizhong, Zibo Nanhan and more. Geographically, Asia aluminium fluoride salts market is spread across China, Japan, Korea, India and other regions.

Asian automobile manufacturing sector is using aluminium fluoride salts which help in reducing the weight of automotive components when used as an additive in the manufacturing process. Urbanisation in Asian countries has triggered a demand for aluminium fluoride due to its vast applications in smelters, cementing, and other sectors. Aluminium fluoride is used as a chemical intermediate in construction projects due to growing infrastructure and housing projects across Asia. China is the leading consumer as well as producer of aluminium fluoride salts. Industrialization, development of innovative technologies to reduce processing wastes and decrease production costs will drive the growth in Asia’s aluminium fluoride salts industry over the next few years.

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